AIM 65 clones

AIM 65 clones by Peter Renaud

a reduced version AIM-65 Mini
micro AIM-65 version 2


An AIM65 compatible 65C02 CPU based computer, the MC-65. With a 6532, 6522, terminal I/O, cassette interface, and in theory possible to run the original AIM 65 ROMs.

For AIM 65 ROMS and manuals, see the AIM 65 pages!

An AIM 65 compatible 65C02 CPU based computer, the MC-65. With a 6532, 6522, terminal I/O, cassette interface, and in theory possible to run the original AIM 65 ROMs.

For AIM 65 ROMS and manuals, see the AIM 65 pages!

AIM 65 hardware

Datasheet AIM 65 A65-100 A65-400
Hardware Manual
User Manual
User’s Guide corrections

Circuit diagrams

Large format scan of Circuit diagram AIM 65 Poster

AIM 65 Schematic Poster revision 4
Circuit diagram PDF format Revision 0
Circuit diagram PDF format Revision 1
Circuit diagram PDF format Revision 2
Circuit diagram PDF format Revision 3
Circuit diagram PDF format Revision 4
Circuit diagram PDF format Revision 5

Dynatem took over AIM 65 production via a license from Rockwell after 1986.
Here a document describing revisions of the board.

AIM 65 Software

Math Package A65-040 D000, floating point words

Monitor program listing in PDF format
Monitor program listing in text format

Monitor ROM R3222 
Monitor ROM R3223-11 
Assembler ROM R3224 
Monitor ROM Dynatem Only change is copyright string Rockwell to Dynatem
Monitor ROM Dynatem identical to R3233
Monitor source in AIM 65 assembler format
Monitor V1.1 source in TASM format

The last number in the ROM file is the location of the ROM in the board, see photo.

AIM 65 BASIC program for PROM ROM
AIM 65 Program Timer

AIM 65

Technical specifications
– Built-in full sized QWERTY keyboard
– 20 character alphanumeric LED display (16 segments)
– Integrated 20 character thermal printer
– 20mA current-loop serial interface (can be adapted to RS232)
– Expansion connector (KIM-1 compatible)
– Application connector with 6522 VIA chip
– 4 KB RAM
– 5 sockets for 4 KB ROM/EPROM chips

Repackaged as OEM product by Siemens as PC100, with German documentation. Hardware identical.

The AIM memory map is:
$0000-$9FFF: RAM (early Rockwell versions only had $0000-$0FFF on board).
$A000-$AFFF: I/O scratchpad memory; some areas can be made available for more RAM.
$B000-$CFFF: Optional Language ROMs (BASIC, Forth, PL/65, Pascal).
$D000-$DFFF: Optional Assembler or Mathpack
$E000-$FFFF: Firmware and monitor program

Rockwell produced the AIM 65 until 1985, and manufactured by Dynatem under license in early 1986 after Rockwell had ceased production. Though the Revision 4 AIM 65 is quite similar to earlier iterations, the subsequent Revision 5 hardware features a redesigned clock generator and support for newer RAM and ROM IC types which became available over the production lifespan of the AIM 65. Relative to Rockwell-manufactured examples, the Dynatem AIM 65 is quite rare. See the Manuals and Software page for circuit diagrams revisions.

Hardware bug on pin Z

There is a hardware bug in early AIM-65 boards. The problem was in rev 1 and rev 0 AIM boards, and it was definitely fixed on rev 4 boards Basically the RAM_R/W signal (pin Z on the Expansion connector) had the inverted Phase 2 clock NAND’ed with R/W. The SYM and AIM were both supposed to follow the KIM standard, but Rockwell got this one signal wrong.
Please note that this has to be solved in e.g. RAM expansion boards by generating this signal the correct way.

See the articles on the MC-65, a AIM 65 compatible system by the German magazine MC Die Microcomputer-zeitschrift


Seawell produced many KIM-1/SYM-1/SIM 65 boards. Here some advertisements frion the 6502 User notes.


Brutech BEM

A Dutch company, producer of many 6502 and more industrial hardware, BEM was the name one of their product lines.

Brutech Electronics Microsytems – B.E.M

Gebroeders Bruyn, Vinkeveen. Small company, custom made electronics and standard microprocessor boards and systems aimed at industry and hobbyist.
During my years with Radio Bulletin we often worked with Brutech, and I visisted their office/manufacturing plant in Vinkeveen several times. The BEM-bus became the standard bus for expansion at Radio Bulletin after the first BEM-1 card was connected to the KIM-1 by Dick de Boer. Brutech specialized in the beginning on the KIM-1/VIM/SYM-1 expansion cards, later on they made their own CPU cards and besides the 6502 CPUs like the 6809 were available.

BEM-1 card, as used in the KIM memory expansion article November 1977
The BEM bus
Brutech sold the VIM-1 and SYM-1, with their cards as expansions.
Review in Radio Bulletin November 1978
Brutech sold also the PC100, the Siemens OEM version of the AIM 65. Again the expansions could be used, same bus.
Review in Radio Bulletin August 1980
The AIM 65 and KTM-2 packaged as the Samson system,. the BEM-4 memory card, the SYMP universal programmer.
Review in Radio Bulletin November 1980
BEM RTC1 card, advert in the RB CB Special 1980
BEM-Impact 1000, a BEM-bus based development system, review in Radio Bulletin Oktober 1980
BEM Eurocard system, article by C.J. Bruyn, on the BEM bus, BEM-MON-1 (a TIM 6530 004 system!) and other cards

Micro-gebeuren november 1977, BEM-1, other BEM cards
Micro-gebeuren April 1980, BEM-PSIO-1 USART card, BEM-AD3, BEM-AD4
Micro-gebeuren Mei 1980, BEM-6 16/32K EPROM card
B.E.M. SBC4D(2) 6809 based CPU card on the BEM bus

MAiS, a system for airtraffic control, developed around the BEM SBCD4 and a custom card.

As editors of the magazine Radio Bulletin we had many conversations with them and wrote articles about their products.

For the KIM-1 and SYM-1 they had many products, some based on the so called BEM bus (DIN 31 pin connector), some as addons to the 22/44 edge connector of the KIM-1.
I stilll own this 4K RAM card:

BEM SBC4 in MAIS box
An example of a 6809 CPU board in a custom industrial application. Bought front eh HCC Forth UG in 2004.


HDE card cage, floppy drive

Hudson Digital Electronics Inc

Known by advertisments in the KIM-1/User Notes.


Books for the 6502: KIM-1 and more

KIM-1, AIM-65, SYM-1 and other 6502/65C02/65C816 related books.

A mix of English, German and Dutch books.

On my bookshelf I have quite a collection of books on the 6502 family.

Note that manuals and books that come with systems are shown on the pages of the corresponding system!

1984 Rockwell Data Book
6502 Software Gourmet Guide and Cookbook
6502 Users Manual
AIM 65 Laboratory Manual And Study Guide
Anwendunsgbeispiele fûr den Microprozessor 6502
Microprocessor_Fundamentals KIM-1
Best of Micro Volume 1 1978
Best of Micro Volume 2 1979
Compute’s Machine Language for Beginners
Compute’s The Second Book of Machine Language
Programming a Microcomputer 6502
Programmieren von Mikrocomputern CPU 6502 (Skriptum)
How to Build a Microcomputer .. and really Understand It!
Mikrocomputer ohne Ballast
Micro Principles KIM-1 user guide chapter 8
Digitaalschakelen met de KIM-1
6502 Assembly Language Programming
6502 Programmieren in ASSEMBLER
Microcomputer Experimentation with the MOS Technology KIM-1
6502 Machinetaal Subroutines
6502 Assembly Language Subroutines
Microcomputer experimentation with the AIM 65
Machine Language Programming Cookbook part 1
Machine Code for Beginners
microcomputer systems principles featuring the 6502 KIM
Beyond Games: System Software for your 6502 Personal Computer
Assembly Language Programming
Using 6502 Assembly Language
6502 Machine Code for Humans
Programming the 65816 including the 6502, 65C02 and the 65802
Programming the 65816 including the 6502, 65C02 and the 65802
Forth Programming
Programming the 65816
Programming and Interfacing the 6502 with Experiments
Synertek 1981-1982 Data Catalog
Synertek DataBook 1983
Third Book of OSI
TSC 6502 Games Package 1
TV Typewrite Cookbook
Zaks 6502 Anwendungen
6502 Games
6502 Applications
Advanced 6502 Programming
Fortgeschrittene 6502 Programmierung
Programmierung des 6502
Programming the 6502
6502 Applications book
Programmeren van de 6502
Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques
Microprocessor Concepts and Applications
Publisher: Lab-Volt
6502 Assembler-Kurs für Beginner
6502 Machine Code For Beginners
A low-lvel language for use on the MOS 6502 Microcomputer
6502 Microcomputer Programmierung
Programmieren in Maschinensprache 6502
The Giant Handbook of Computer Projects
First Book of KIM
The First Book of KIM-1 in PDF format
The First Book of KIM-1, part in text format
The First Book of KIM-1 in HTML format
Sources of The First Book of KIM-1 in source and papertape format, Jeff Tranter
First Book of KIM-1 for SYM-1
Rockwell Produktübersicht in deutsch
Rockwell Microelectronic Data Devices Catalog 1979
1981 Rockwell Electronic Devices Division Data Book
1984 Rockwell Data Book
1985 Rockwell Data Book
1987 Rockwell Controller Products Databook


A German magazine devoted to the 65XX SBC’s like KIM-1, SYM-1 and mostly AIM 65. June 1978 to 1978, 49 issues.Complete scans thanks to the German forum Verein zum Erhalt klassischer Computer e.V. (forum