Tiny Basic a mini language for your micro
What’s that Digital GRoup Really Doing
The remarkable Apple 1 Computer
Found: A use for Your Computer! clock program for KIM-1
KIM-1 Advertisement, Johnson Computer
Super-Tube .. jazzing up the Digital group TVT
KIM-1 Memory Expansion
Apple 1 Advert
KIM forum 1977 07

Dr Dobbs

Volume 1 1976

A 6502 Disassembler from Apple Baum Wozniak
A string output routine for the 6502
Floating Point Routines for the 6502 Rankin Wozniak
Lunar Landler for the 6502 for TIM
Monitor for the 6502
Tiny Basic for the 6800 and 6502 from Tom Pittman
Breakpoint routine for 6502s
A Number game for the 6502 Steve Wozniak

Volume 2 1977

A high-speed Memory Test program for the 6502
A KIM-1 Disassembler
ASSMTED for 6502 editor and assembler
CGRS 6502 board S100
Decoding 650X opcodes
KIM-1 Breakpoint routines Plain and Fancy
OPLEGL correction
RAP and Tiny Basic Jolt
Stringout mods
SWPT GT6144 to 6502

Dr Dobbs 1978

Memory Test for 6502
A KIM Binary Calculator
EDITHA KIM-1 editor program
High speed cassette interface for the KIM-1
Fast Cassette Interface for the KIM-1
6502 Program Exchange
LEDIP A KIM 6502 Text Editor
A curve-Fitting Program Using a Focal Interpreter on the KIM-1
PET Basic Renumber
KIM Basic Renumber adaptation of PET Renumber

Dr Dobbs 1979

Adapt Apple Disassembler for SYM-1
Add a Trap Vector for Unimplemented 6502 opcodes
An unusual Pseudoreandom Number Generator program
Common Instructions of the 6800 and the 6502
Complex Pseudorandom Sequences from Interlaced Simple Generators
EXOS A Software development kit for the 6500 Microprocessor family
OSI Basic for the KIM-1
Quick and Dirty Routines for the Sweet 16
Those all-important Extras Development toolkit

Dr Dobbs 1980

A Note on 6502 Indirect Addresssing
Thoughts on Small Systems and Monitors SYM-1
ZX65 Simulating a Micro

Dr Dobbs 1981

Analysis of the Use of the 6502’s Opcodes

Dr Dobbs 1982

Interfacing the 68000 to an AIM 65
Improvement upon a Division Program by Leventhal

183 1987

ACTxx_Cross Assemblers
Decoding Efficiency and Speed Pros and Cons of Table Loo-up
Saving And Restoring Registers
SBC TSX TXS Instructions 6800 6502
Use of NOP Codes as Labels


Es lebe der KIM-1
Experimente fuer Anfaenger mit KIM-1
Siemens PC 100
Wer ist Jim Butterfield?
Realtime clock fur PC 100
Konzert fur AIM 65
Basic-Morse programm fur AIM 65 PC 100
Interrupt beim AIM 65
Tone und Gerausche mit AY-3-8912 und einem 6502 computer
AIM 65 Assembler und Disassembler
Dgital-Analog and Analog-Diital Wandlung mit den 8-bit DA-Wandler ZN 428E
Die Verwendung des PPI 8255 an einem 6502 System Apple II
Einfacher 6 Kanal Analog Digital Wandler
Rechteckgenerator und Frequenzmesser fur AIM 65
Lernen mit AIM 65 1-7
Programmieren in Maschinensprache 1-5

Interface Age

Building a Digital Group System
A KIM-1 Sidereal clock
Advert KIM meets S100, KIMSI
6502 disassembler Steve Wozniak Allan Baum


Franzis Verlag, German, 1978

KIM-1 meher als nur ein Spielzeug
KIM spielt schach
KIM versteht Pseudo Befehle
KIM als Nachschlagewerk
ASCII Ausgabe per Interrupt
Bits und Bytes
Ein Netztel fur den AIM 65
KIM Klavier
So Laufen KIM programma auf dem AIM 65
SYM druckt 16 Byte pro Zeile
Testhilfe fur den KIM-1
Das VIA 6522


– CHIP 9 1978
– CHIP Special 1981

Siegerkur 6502 6800 8080 SC/MP
Stunde der Wahrheit KIM-1
Von Alpha bis Omega MCS Alpha 65
A/D und D/A fur Sprachverarbeitung
Dynamische Schreib-Lese Speicher fur 6502-systeme
KIM-1 steuert SR51
AIM 65 als interrupt-gesteuerten Frequenzzahler
Schrift und graphik aus einem IC
Systemerweiterung fur KIM-1


KIM-1 programs by Nils

Nils a.k.a. netzherpes typed in a number of KIM-1 programs to run on his PAL-1, the KIM-1 compatible clone.
Not only does he types them in in assembler, some even by contacting the original author!, tests the programs and also provides source and ready to run binaries or papertapes.
And he draws nice looking cover images!

On his github page he has the most recent versions and adds new programs regularly.
Also checkout his blog!

Here a summary of the programs:

Banner for KIM-1

KIM-1 Banner
by Jim Zuber

Download here!


You have 20 shots to detect a 3×1 ship on a 8×8 grid. The ship can be aligned horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
How to play: Enter the coordinated and fire (Button F). If you hit the ship, the mostright counter will jump to 01.
If you hit all 3 coordinates of the ship, you won, the display will show “dEAd” and the number of shots used.
(c) 1978 Roland Kushnier (orig)
(c) 1979 Jody Nelis (bugfix)

Download here!

Target 1 for KIM-1

Little shooting game for the KIM-1
June 18th, 1979
(C) Fer Weber

Download here!

Target 6 for KIM-1

The 6 column Version of Fer Webers Target1 Shooter Game (
Author Fer Weber
published in KIM Kenner 8 on 18.06.1979

Download here!

Telefonbuch for KIM-1

original title: “Datensuche”
by Herwig Feichtinger
(c) 1981 in Anwendungsbeispiele für den Mikroprozessor 6502

Download here!

Phonebook 2.0 for KIM-1

original title: “Datensuche”
by Herwig Feichtinger
(c) 1981 in Anwendungsbeispiele
für den Mikroprozessor 6502

Download here!

Pocket Calculator for KIM-1

by Siep de Vries, KIM Club The Netherlands

Download here!

Tunesmith for the KIM-1

(c) 1979 Anthony T. Scarpelli
found in micro 6/79

Download here!


a silly small Piano for your KIM-1
KIM Piano
(c) by Peter Engels 1979 *

plays whole notes from C to D
by pressing the buttons 0-F.
Download here!

LEDIP a text editor for the KIM-1

The author of the program, Kiumi Akingbehin, Professor at the Michigan University

Download here!

KIM-1 Dungeons and Dragons Dice Simulator

(c) 29.7.80 Myron A. Calhoun
Manhattan, KS

Download here!

TTY rapid Dump/Load

an extension to M.Gönners hex Loader by Bruce Nazarian

Located in Compute II June 1980
Download here!


‘Bob’ Leedom published another game called Baseball in the KIM user notes issue 16

Download here!


by Gino F. Silvestri
A Simon says game for the KIM-1

Download here!

KIM Venture walktrough

This is a walkthrough of one of the most amazing computer games in history.
KIMventure is a (colossal cave like) adventure game for the KIM-1 that fits in only 1 (ONE) KB of RAM. It offers 24 room to explore with a lot of traps and riddles to solve. It was programmed in 1979 by Robert Leedom with pen and paper (no assembler etc.)

Download here!

Hexpawn – another KIM-1 game from 1978

Download here!


Seawell produced many KIM-1/SYM-1/SIM 65 boards. Here some advertisements frion the 6502 User notes.


Brutech BEM

A Dutch company, producer of many 6502 and more industrial hardware, BEM was the name one of their product lines.

Brutech Electronics Microsytems – B.E.M

Gebroeders Bruyn, Vinkeveen. Small company, custom made electronics and standard microprocessor boards and systems aimed at industry and hobbyist.
During my years with Radio Bulletin we often worked with Brutech, and I visisted their office/manufacturing plant in Vinkeveen several times. The BEM-bus became the standard bus for expansion at Radio Bulletin after the first BEM-1 card was connected to the KIM-1 by Dick de Boer. Brutech specialized in the beginning on the KIM-1/VIM/SYM-1 expansion cards, later on they made their own CPU cards and besides the 6502 CPUs like the 6809 were available.

BEM-1 card, as used in the KIM memory expansion article November 1977
The BEM bus
Brutech sold the VIM-1 and SYM-1, with their cards as expansions.
Review in Radio Bulletin November 1978
Brutech sold also the PC100, the Siemens OEM version of the AIM 65. Again the expansions could be used, same bus.
Review in Radio Bulletin August 1980
The AIM 65 and KTM-2 packaged as the Samson system,. the BEM-4 memory card, the SYMP universal programmer.
Review in Radio Bulletin November 1980
BEM RTC1 card, advert in the RB CB Special 1980
BEM-Impact 1000, a BEM-bus based development system, review in Radio Bulletin Oktober 1980
BEM Eurocard system, article by C.J. Bruyn, on the BEM bus, BEM-MON-1 (a TIM 6530 004 system!) and other cards

Micro-gebeuren november 1977, BEM-1, other BEM cards
Micro-gebeuren April 1980, BEM-PSIO-1 USART card, BEM-AD3, BEM-AD4
Micro-gebeuren Mei 1980, BEM-6 16/32K EPROM card
B.E.M. SBC4D(2) 6809 based CPU card on the BEM bus

MAiS, a system for airtraffic control, developed around the BEM SBCD4 and a custom card.

As editors of the magazine Radio Bulletin we had many conversations with them and wrote articles about their products.

For the KIM-1 and SYM-1 they had many products, some based on the so called BEM bus (DIN 31 pin connector), some as addons to the 22/44 edge connector of the KIM-1.
I stilll own this 4K RAM card:

BEM SBC4 in MAIS box
An example of a 6809 CPU board in a custom industrial application. Bought front eh HCC Forth UG in 2004.


HDE card cage, floppy drive

Hudson Digital Electronics Inc

Known by advertisments in the KIM-1/User Notes.