Super Jolt

The Super Jolt is a evolution of the JOLT. Same CPU, 1 MHz clock, same TIM IC, same PIA, more RAM (1K), sockets for PROMS, RAP (Resident Assembler Program) and Tiny Basic (of Tom Pittman Itty Bitty Computers) in ROM.
Sold under the name CP110 by Synertek  in 1985, Microcomputer Associates had become the core of Synertek Systems and in the next years produced the SYM SBC’s.

I have acquired 3 Superjolts! Synertek branded, 1978 TIM.


Superjolt CP110 User Manual
Also Tiny Basic, RAP userguide
Superjolt CP110 Synertek
Scan-160408-0001 Cross assembler Manual, GE timeshare,
as reference for the Resident Assembler program
DEMON software manual
(this manual has an alternative listing of the TIM 6530-004 monitor)
2K PROM hardware_manual


The DEMON ROM is the same as 6530-004 TIM ROM.

Tiny Basic and Resident Assembler Program are supplied in two 2K EPROMs. With straps the Superjolt could use the 9216 ROM. With some smart patching (see below), the more usual 2716 EPROM can be used.
Here the dumps of the two EPROMS on my Superjolt system. Some of Tiny Basic is in he second EPROM!

Also have a look at the Tiny Basic page, where much is told about Tiny BASic, and for the TIM/Superjolt patched versions and assembler source.


The Superjolt has a number of jumpers, explained in the manual page 3-5 and 3-6.

The schematic and photos below below shows on the right the patch to support 2716 EPROMs.

2K EPROM schematics



Photos of my Superjolts

Photos by Ray Holt of Microcomputer Associates.