Junior articles in English

Elekterminal articles 1978-1980
Junior Computer
elektor microprocessors
RS-232 interface
8k RAM 16K EPROM card
dynamic RAM card
64K on the 16K dynamic RAM card
junior’s growing up!
text display on the Junior Computer
junior cookbook
the fully fledged Junior Computer
sophisticated software for the Junior Computer
the junior reaches maturity
using the Junior Computer as a voltmeter
mini EPROM card
BASIC on the Junior Computer
the Junior Computer as a frequency counter
Software cruncher and puncher
calling Junior vectors
junior paperware
the Elektor connection
floppy disk interface for the Junior part 1
floppy disk interface for the Junior part 2
traffic light control system
Universal memory card
junior program tester
Morse converter
RTTY decoder
busy indicator for the Junior Computer
vector control for the Junior Computer
VDU card
Junior Synthesizer
basicode-2 interface for the Junior Computer
2716/2732 programmer
EPROMmer using the Junior Computer
CPU card
6502 tracer
Get & Go
ID list
merging BASIC programs
screen noise killer
morse training with the Junior Computer
RTTY interface