2531 to 2732 EPROM adapter

By Roy Edmund Antaw

I hope others may find this useful when trying to replace 2532 ROMs.
It sure ain’t pretty, but it works perfectly.
2732 EPROM to 2532 ROM adaptor, using two 24pin sockets with three bend pins on top socket, breaking the continuity of those pins between the two sockets, and then soldering jumpers to three pins on bottom socket to swap signals on those pins as described below.

  • 2532 pin 18 to pin 21 on 2732
  • 2532 pin 20 to pin 18 on 2732
  • 2532 pin 21 to pin 20 on 2732

Using e.g, a T48 XGecu Programmer or any EPROM programmer which supports VPP up to 25V.