KIM-1 software


Microsoft KB-9 Basic, dated 1977
KB-9 stands for Kim-Basic with 9 digits precision. Runs fine.Scanned manual The original KB9 and Version 3.0
Version 3 has character input/output redirected to an ACIA routine, so it will not work on a standard KIM-1.
Focal V3dThe program in binary format The Focal programming language Version 3d for the KIM-1A small interpreter (about 5K) for a convenient interpreted language.
Requires memory from $2000 and up. Has some terminal echo problems.
The scanned manual
Disassembled source by Paul R. Santa-Maria
Micro-ADE assembler/editor

Micro-Ade program
Original Micro-Ade program in Papertape format, ready for the Micro-KIM. Requires 32K RAM expansion and the three! fixes for the decode problem of 6530 RAM areas.
Micro-ADE was the working horse for many KIM-1 users, the small and powerfull assembler/editor written by Peter Jennings.
Manual and program are placed here with permission by Peter Jennings (thank you Peter for this and for a great program!).
Scanned manual
Source in scanned format (from a bad photocopy):
The frontpage is shown on the right.Also this program was enhanced by the KIM Club, resulting in version 9.0, present in the program archive.
Page 1 and 2 of the command summary.
Read in the KIM KENNER archive the source of the enhancements (text by S.T. Woldringh o.a.).
KIM Tape Copy v1.1, copy all files on a KIM cassette. Uses two recorders attached as shown in Micro Ade manual.
Source in PDF format  kim tape copy v11