KIM-1 Software

On this page my collection of KIM-1 software in binary format , manuals and articles, from my tapes and scanned paper archives and user contributions.
Most require an expanded KIM-1 with RAM memory above $2000, 16K recommended. Of course the Micro-KIM and the Corsham KIM Clone and the PAL-1 with memory expansion have enough horsepower to run this.
See the page for useful programs to convert binaries to papertape etc.
Not all have been tested, some use non-standard TTY I/O routines, so study, test, experiment and have fun!

KB-9 and KB-6 are the name used for the Microsoft Basic for the KIM-1. One of the 6502 family of early interpreters by the then called Micro-soft company. KB stands for KIM Basic, the 6 and 9 for the precison of digits.
See here for the page about the KIM-1 binary versions , articles, listing, sources and build-and-enhance- it-yourself version.


The FORTH language 6502 FIG-FORTH

Binary Forth original, start at 2000
FORTH assembler sources, 6502, 65C02
FORTH assembler sources, 6502, 65C02 in ASSM/TED format, Elektor Junior binaries
Fig-FORTH 6502 manual
Fig-FORTH Manuals May 1979


COMAL is an interpreted structured language. I have only as original the KIM User Club Elektor Junior version, and as with most of the 6502 SBC programs, not that difficult to adapt to a KIM-1, as told on the last pages of the manual (in/out/break character, load/save tape, memory layout). In theory perhaps, I failed up till now.
KGN COMAL archive with manuals, books, binary (load at $2000, start at $3000). Junior I/O routines!
Manual KGN COMAL (dutch)
COMAL Introduction
Partial commented disassembly of Comal
Comal attempt to run on KIM-1 patch files (June 2023)

MICRO-ADE assembler/editor

Updated October 2022

MICRO-ADE was the working horse for many KIM-1 users, the small and powerful assembler/editor/disassembler written by Peter Jennings, Microware.
Manual and program are placed here with permission by Peter Jennings to the KIM Club (thank you Peter for this and for a great program!)
A letter sent by Anton Muller, KIM User Club the Netherlands, to Peter Jennings, thanks Peter for the scan!

In August 2021 I (Hans Otten) typed in the source of MICRO-Ade from the listing in the manual, the output is binary compatible with the binaries I saved from tape and are tested on the KIM-1.
The result is a source identical (in standard MOS Technology assembler format) to the listing and binary identical to the page image. I also made new high quality scan of the manual and the listing.
Micro Ade program source and binary
Scanned manual
Scanned listing

Read in the KIM KENNER archive the source of the enhancements (text by S.T. Woldringh o.a.)
The KIM club enhanced Micro Ade to version 8. Download here the binary with a 2 page command summary.

Microchess for the KIM-1

Updated November 2021

MICROCHESS for the KIM-1. Another Peter Jennings Microware product. Runs on a standard KIM-1. Control via LED displays and hex keypad. Quite a commercial success, many sold!

Wave files of tape and binaries, dump of my cassette files
Assembler source and binaries, typed in by me in 2021, binary identical to tape
Original manual (from the reseller The Computerist) scanned by me
Original manual by Peter Jennings
Manual in HTML format
Article on upgrading/extending Microchess, Compute II Issue 1, pdf format
Article on upgrading/extending MICROCHESS, Compute II Issue 1, html format
Upgrade/extending assembler source and binaries, typed in by me in 2021
More chess openings, Fer Weber 1978

Microchess has been adapted for the Elektor Junior by Sjaak de Wit,
Description of the adaptation
Source and binary of Microchess for the Elektor Junior

6502 Macro Assembler and Text Editor CW Moser

CW Moser ASSM/TED Assembler and Text Editor binaries: original, KIM-1, Elektor Junior
Manual scanned in PDF format

Sources of CW Moser for 65C02 and Junior binaries
Color version of later manual
Dissecting C. W. Moser’s ASSM_TED, Compute! Issue 11
Commodore PET version of the manual
Graphics Drawing Compiler for PET and SYM manual
Fast cassette interface for ASSM/TED by CW Moser
Universal 6502 Memory Test PET, Apple, Sym and Others, Compute! Issue 1

KIM Tape Copy v1.1

kim tape copy v11 KIM Tape Copy v1.1, copy all files on a KIM cassette. Uses two recorders attached as shown in the Micro Ade manual.
Source in Micro Ade format
Listing of Tape Copy

H14 printer and parallel keyboard routine

The Heathkit H14 printer is a simple matrix printer with a serial interface. This routine allows to use this printer via two pins at the free 6530 PIA port, see circuit diagram. Resistors are 2k2 ohm.
H14 printer and parallel keyboard input assembler source
Listing and circuit diagram

Printing disassembler

In 1982 I wrote/composed a program to have disassembled code on paper, with page numbers. The whole story, with the old binary and source, and a recent update can be found on this page.

Q-Chess for the KIM-1

Q-Chess for the KIM-1. Requires 8K memory and a TVT-6 display. Via patching a TTY can be used.
Manual, including TTY patches
Binaries of Q-Chess for TVT-6 and for TTY
Patches on Q-Chess by Fer Weber, De 6502 KENNER 17 – augustus 1981

Usurpator Chess for the 6502

Usurpator Chess for the 6800 and 6502 in 2K, a book by H.G. Muller
The book, with source listings for 6800 and 6502
Source in CW Moser format


Time your reaction. Standard KIM-1 LED display and keypad. Source included.

First Book of KIM sources

The First Book of KIM-1 in PDF format
The First Book of KIM-1, part in text format
The First Book of KIM-1 in HTML format
Sources of The First Book of KIM-1 in source and papertape format,
Jeff Tranter
Software from First Book of KIM in binary, audio (Wave) and papertape format, by Dave Willams.

KIM Venture

A (tiny) Colossal Cave adventure for the KIM-1 by Bob Leedom


HEXPAWN, a game for the KIM-1 by Robert Leedom


Baseball, a game for the KIM-1 by Robert Leedom

Telefonbuch Hobbycomputer #1 Herwig Feichtinger

Telefonbuch Hobbycomputer #1 Herwig Feichtinger


Pascal-M: A full (1978) Pascal P2 descendent compiler system for the KIM-1.
See the School of Wirth pages for more information, including sources and binaries

Pocket calculator for the KIM-1

Siep de Vries Westvries Computing The Netherlands 1977
Simple calculator (integer 6 digits positive) + – / *
I/O via TTY or keypad/LED display, the same method as used by the KIM-1 monitor.
Two versions (scans included):
a special publication from the first days of the KIM Club in a traditional 6502 assembler and a later version for the Micro ADE assembler editor.
Sources included of both versions (TASM 32),with resulting listing and papertape and Intel hex files.
As close to paper original, changes due to assembler quirks.
Download here Sources, papertape, listings, original scans