The K-1008 and the KIM-1 Simulator

The KIM_1 Simulator and the MTU K-1008 Visible Memory

Dave Plummer asked me to add a K-1008 emulation to the KIM-1 Simulator. So I did in the spring of
2023, you can see the screenshots and video on this page made with the Simulator.

In August 2023 Eduardo Casino, who is making a K-108 replica (see below), asked me to enhance the emulator with loading binary images with images for the K-1008. That is added, load a file to memory and if that is K-1008 memory, the video display is shown.

There are several ways an image can be loaded to the K-1008 video display:

  • Load a K-1008 formatted binary file into memory. It will show on the K-1008 display if enabled via Settings.
  • The Refresh button in the debugger will also refresh the K-10008 display from memory
  • With a C header file. see below

How to make a C Header image file with threshold

  1. Choose a high contrast image
  2. Load the image in GIMP (a freeware image processing app for Windows, Linux etc)
  3. Scale the image to 320×200 exactly(have the ties between the dimension windows untied)
  4. Use the Treshold tool to convert to black and white, play with the settings until it looks good
  5. Export to, choose the C header file format, a file
  6. This file can be loaded with the File menu entries of the KIM- Simulator main window and Debugger
  7. The file is converted if you load in it into memory
  8. If you have the K-1008 display on (see Settings) it will display it too
  9. Now you can save the image if you wish with the ‘Memory to file’ menu entries

Make a C Header image file with dithered images

  1. Open image in GIMP
  2. Crop the image to 320×200 or a multiple like 960×600
  3. Image – Scale the image to 320×200
  4. Image – Mode – Indexed to black white palette Floyd-Steinberg (normal)
  5. Image – Mode – RGB
  6. File -Export As Select file type – C source header
  7. Export

Note there is a command line program in the folder K-1008 load C Header , called LoadK1008 that converts a C header image file to a K-1008 formatted binary.

D:\k1008\LoadK1008.exe h
LoadK1008 is a program to convert a 320x200 C header file from GIMP to
MTU Visable memory K-1008 image
LoadK1008 <C header filename> <K-1008 binary filename>

Prepare the C header file in GIMP as follows:

  1. Load an image in GIMP
  2. Scale to 320×200 (detach the link between the sizes)
  3. Threshold or dither to black and white, play to get a nice result
  4. Export as C header file
  5. Feed the C header file to this program
  6. Convert the result, a binary file into a program like my Convert 8 bit hex formats (included with the KIM-1 Simulator) to a papertape format with the start address of the K-1008 (2000-C000)
  7. Load the papertape into the KIM-1 or KIM-1 Simulator

Screenshots of images imported:

Images done by Eduardo Casino with dithering.