Nachbau KIM-1

The replica is yet another implementation of the idea from my Dutch friend Ruud Baltissen: Build a KIM-1 with 6532s replacing the 6530-002/003.

What makes this replica special is:

    • It is a KIM-1, with everything the KIM-1 has: two 6532, audio, 1K RAM, 6530-002 and 6530-003 ROM, exactly the same logic for TTY and audio, application and extension connector.
    • The layout is in size and layout nearly equal to the KIM-1, it looks as close as possible as the original
    • The extra ROM is hidden on the back of the PCB
    • The PCB traces are not straight with sharp corners, but are bended like the hand layed out KIM-1 PCB

The keyboard is the best replica of the KIM-1 keyboard ever seen, see the KIM-1 replica keyboard page for details

Ralf made available the gerbers of the Nachbau KIM-1 PCB and wrote a (in German) construction guide.

Here are the available downloads:

KIM-1 Nachbau Circuit diagram

Bare PCBs (thanks Micha!), not the latest, but will give an operational KIM-1