Microcomputer Associates

Jolt was designed and developed by Ray Holt, Founder and Executive Vice-President of Microcomputer Associates. Holt went on to design the SYM-1 single-board computer, a KIM-1 clone. Manny Lemas was the co-founder of Microcomputer Associates, Inc. Ray Holt was the hardware side and he was the software side of the business. He wrote the DEMON (Debugger/Monitor) software for the JOLT. This software was actually developed for MOS Technology for use in the TIM chip and the KIM-1 single board computer. M.A.I. was granted rights to its own version of the software for use in the JOLT, so they used the TIM 6530-004 IC!

The Jolt microcomputer was released in 1975 by Microcomputer Associates. The company was founded by Ray Holt and Manny Lemas. The company was later acquired by Synertek, a second source manufacturer of the 6502, and renamed Synertek Systems. Synertek went on to produce the popular SYM-1 microcomputer. Ray Holt’s business partner was Hispanic and he used to call Ray “Jolt” which is the reverse-anglicized spelling of the word HOLT if written in Spanish. i.e “Jolt” in Spanish is pronounced “holt”. There were about 5000 JOLT units produced, first designed in 1974, far pre-dating the Apple I.

See the Microcomputer Associates Catalog in PDF format here

Micro Associates published the Microcomputer_Digest with general microprocessor related news:

Microcomputer Digest Index Vol01
Microcomputer Digest Index Vol02
Microcomputer Digest v01n02 Aug74
Microcomputer Digest v01n06 Dec74
Microcomputer Digest v01n07 Jan75
Microcomputer Digest v01n08 Feb75
Microcomputer Digest v01n09 Mar75
Microcomputer Digest v01n10 Apr75
Microcomputer Digest v01n11 May75
Microcomputer Digest v01n12 Jun75
Microcomputer Digest v02n01 Jul75
Microcomputer Digest v02n02 Aug75
Microcomputer Digest v02n03 Sep75
Microcomputer Digest v02n04 Oct75
Microcomputer Digest v02n06 Dec75
Microcomputer Digest v02n07 Jan76
Microcomputer Digest v02n08 Feb76
Microcomputer Digest v02n09 Mar76
Microcomputer Digest v02n10 Apr76
Microcomputer Digest v02n11 May76
Microcomputer Digest v02n12 Jun76
Microcomputer Digest v03n01 Jul76
Microcomputer Digest v03n02 Aug76
Microcomputer Digest v03n03 Sep76
Microcomputer Digest v03n04 Oct76
Microcomputer Digest v03n05 Nov76
Microcomputer Digest v03n06 Dec76
Microcomputer Digest v03n07 Jan77

Hear it from Ray Holt from an interview on YouTube:

Audio recording of VCF sessions:
Manny Lemas VCF 2 on SYM-1
Ray Holt on the F14 “Tomcat” CADC microprocessor. The World’s first microprocessor and the first time to discuss it in public

A newsletter was published, this one in PDF format is from 1977 and contains some Tiny Basic programs for JOLT and Super Jolt.

Synertek acquired Microcomputer Associates, Incorporated, consisting of engineers Manny Lemas and Ray Holt, after which it was renamed Synertek Systems, Inc. and established as a subsidiary. In 1978, Synertek Systems released a 6502-based single board computer/evaluation kit called the SYM-1, a derivative of MOS Technology/Commodore Semiconductor Group’s KIM-1. The Super Jolt was still sold by Synertek in 1985 (see the Super Jolt page).


Images supplied by Ray Holt.