Dr Dobbs

Volume 1 1976

A 6502 Disassembler from Apple Baum Wozniak
A string output routine for the 6502
Floating Point Routines for the 6502 Rankin Wozniak
Lunar Landler for the 6502 for TIM
Monitor for the 6502
Tiny Basic for the 6800 and 6502 from Tom Pittman
Breakpoint routine for 6502s
A Number game for the 6502 Steve Wozniak

Volume 2 1977

A high-speed Memory Test program for the 6502
A KIM-1 Disassembler
ASSMTED for 6502 editor and assembler
CGRS 6502 board S100
Decoding 650X opcodes
KIM-1 Breakpoint routines Plain and Fancy
OPLEGL correction
RAP and Tiny Basic Jolt
Stringout mods
SWPT GT6144 to 6502

Dr Dobbs 1978

Memory Test for 6502
A KIM Binary Calculator
EDITHA KIM-1 editor program
High speed cassette interface for the KIM-1
Fast Cassette Interface for the KIM-1
6502 Program Exchange
LEDIP A KIM 6502 Text Editor
A curve-Fitting Program Using a Focal Interpreter on the KIM-1
PET Basic Renumber
KIM Basic Renumber adaptation of PET Renumber

Dr Dobbs 1979

Adapt Apple Disassembler for SYM-1
Add a Trap Vector for Unimplemented 6502 opcodes
An unusual Pseudoreandom Number Generator program
Common Instructions of the 6800 and the 6502
Complex Pseudorandom Sequences from Interlaced Simple Generators
EXOS A Software development kit for the 6500 Microprocessor family
OSI Basic for the KIM-1
Quick and Dirty Routines for the Sweet 16
Those all-important Extras Development toolkit

Dr Dobbs 1980

A Note on 6502 Indirect Addresssing
Thoughts on Small Systems and Monitors SYM-1
ZX65 Simulating a Micro

Dr Dobbs 1981

Analysis of the Use of the 6502’s Opcodes

Dr Dobbs 1982

Interfacing the 68000 to an AIM 65
Improvement upon a Division Program by Leventhal

183 1987

ACTxx_Cross Assemblers
Decoding Efficiency and Speed Pros and Cons of Table Loo-up
Saving And Restoring Registers
SBC TSX TXS Instructions 6800 6502
Use of NOP Codes as Labels