Who were involved in the development of KIM-1 and TIM?

The 6530-002 (the KIM monitor), 6530-003 (the KIM tape routines) and 6530-004 (TIM, the teletype monitor) are in the ROM of these IC’s. Developed in/for/by MOS Technology.

For TIM the Story of TIM (DEMON as Ray Holt called it) tell about Manny Lomas.

It would be nice to know more who did hardware and software design for the KIM-1 (must have been a small team since they are so intertwined) of these innovative early 6502 development.

The story should start with Chuck Peddle and his team. They developed the 6502 and supporting IC’s like 6530 (RRIOT) and 6532 (RIOT).

The story of KIM talks about Don McLaughlin, MOS Technology founder and engineering manager of the project. Peddle and a programming manager named Bob Winterhalt agreed with the idea and the three men began the design. According to MOS Technology employee Al Charpentier, John May did the actual design.

Data Handler

Armin added to his blog page on the Data Handler a Rev Manual with his permission reproduced here.

CT-6502 Thaler

A small PCB (2x Eurocard) with a KIM-1 like 6502 system.Made by Thaler, Germany.I have now this computer, with the manual. So I scanned the manual, made some photos, dumped the ROM and enhanced the Thaler page!

PROMAX MI-650 trainer

1979 – PROMAX MI-650 trainer Educational trainersEducational instruments division was the result of our close commercial relationships with universities and technical schools. Work here was closely tied to the study plans of universities and technical schools in order to provide the educational material required by a variety of disciplines. Design work was begun on the MI-650B Microprocessor Trainer, based on the 6502 which appeared in 1975.

KIM-1 high resolution poster cleaned up

Joshy, Forum64 member, cleaned up the high resolution poster. Available here.

John Bell Z80 computer 80-280

I received a photo and manual scans of the 80-280 Z80 SBC by John Bell.

Posted in Z80

The Best of Micro 3

Partial scan of The Best of Micro 3: AIM 65 SYM-1 KIM-1 part and General (6522).


Updates to KIM-1, AIM 65 and SYM-1 pages

With the help of users on the German Classic Computing forum I ahve added many manuals and magazines in german about those systems:

AIM 65 PC100 manuals
MICROMAG magazines
KIM-1 manuals in German

I also added books on the 6502 in general and on the KIM-1, SYM-1 and AIM 65 to the Books section.

Reading old magazines is always fun, from the period 1976 to 198x magazines were filled with articles on the 6502, the KIM-1 and other SBC’s.

German, Dutch and English magazine articles extracted here.
Kilobaud, Byte, Dr Dobbs and of course the dedicated 6502 User Notes, MICRO Journal and Compute are valuable sources, but look at the many magazines on this page!

Superjolt manuals and schematics

I have added Superjolt manuals and schematics to the Jolt pages

Datac 1000 more information

Added some photo’s, a good schematic and user group newsletters to page devoted to the DATAC 1000, a small TIM-1 (6530-004) system, a very early 6502 SBC, as used by the Philadelphia based PACS users, manufactured by Datac engineering.