Replacement of some old prom by a GAL, Application to a Thaler MPS-65 board

Didier form was approached by his friend Erik about a malfunctioning MPS-65.

By studying the material on this page and doing measurements on the board it was decided the PROM on the board was malfunctioning.

So Didier designed a GAL replacement for the PROM and the board came back to life!

Here the story how the design looks like.


Suppress KIM echo

A new article in English, but in fact an article from May 1979 in Dutch: how to suppress the KIM-1 hardware echo.


Convert to Papertape V2.2

On the Utilities page I have two programs to convert to MOS Technology papertape format: KIMpaper, a command line utility, and ConvertHexFormat, a GUI app.

All in Freepascal/Lazarus source format, and tested on Linux (Raspberry PI OS) and Windows 10 64 bit. So the programs will run everywhere Lazarus is available (MS DOS, WIndows, Linux Mac OS).

KIMPAPER  is written at the time the Micro-KIM appeared. CLI utility.  Supports Binary to/from Papertape.  Still runs fine on all platforms supported by Freepascal (Windows, MS DOS, Linux etc) after a recompilation, source available.

ConvertHexFormat is a more recent GUI utilitilty with many more 8 bit hex formats as input and output.

There were some bugs of course in older versions. V2 added the ability for multipart hex formats, records having a non-consecutive load address. That seems to wok fine since V2.1
In 2.2 a bug in MOS Papertape format for bigger files is fixed, the end-of-file record (record type 00, total line count) had a bug in the checksum calculation. KIMPAPER is and was correct in the calculation.
But in ConvertHexFormat it was wrong (as it still  is in the well known srec utility in the Unix world!).


PC utilities updated

The PC utilities page has seen an update of th4 Conversion hex formats utility.

Programs to manipulate the binary and hex formatted files of interest for SBC owners. Intel hex, MOS papertape, Motorola S-record, binary, hex conversion fort eh 8 bit world.
Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac due to Lazarus and Freepascal. Source included.


Kowalski assembler and simulator

A 6502, 65C02, 65816 assembler and simulator. Original (with Polish help) by Michal Kowalski, 65816 extensions with English help by Daryl Rictor.

A nice tool to develop and test 65XX software.

Read here to get it, install and some startup help.


Elektor Computing 5 German

Thanks to Martin Seine I have added the German evrsion of Elektor COmputing 5, dedicated to the EC65 systen, Z80 card, 65818 etc.

And have a look at the EC65 Z80 card page also



FABGL library serial and development board

A page dedicated to the FABGL library and baords and how I use it for serial terminal emulation and CP/M emulation (Altair 8800 and CP/M 3 multitasking, IBM PC coming).


Cassette interface for Micro-KIM

or KIM Clone!

By Timothy Alicie

Demonstrates his  design for a cassette interface for the Micro-KIM single board computer from Briel Computers (a replica of the 1970’s KIM-1 SBC). The original KIM-1 has a built-in cassette interface, but the Micro-KIM replica does not, so I designed and built his own. The design uses a single PIC micro-controller, is very reliable, supports all HyperTAPE speeds, and has the ability to save and play back recorded data into the KIM-1.


G.Eisenack Programmieren von Mikrocomputern CPU 6502 Skriptum

New book added tot the KIM-1 Books resources: (thanks netzherpes)

G.Eisenack Programmieren von Mikrocomputern CPU 6502 Skriptum