K-1008 Visable Memory Replica by Eduardo Casino

K-1008 Visable Memory Replica by Eduardo Casino
Eduardo Casino (see also his work on a KIM-1 Replica), he is working on what aims to be a faithful replica of MTU’s K-1008 Visable Memory card for the KIM-1. He is following basically the same procedure as he did for the KIM-1 Rev. D replica: reproducing the schematics from the existing documentation and using photos of the original card to correct it and to replicate the PCB, and doing all of it just with open source tools.

This is a Work In Progress, first PCB is operational, follow his advancements on this thread on forum.de.

As always, everything is available on his GitHub page.

The first tests are good!

KIM-1 Expansion Board for MTU cards repository.

This board follows the MTU standard for the KIM-1 expansion bus and enables to connect up to five cards, like the K-1008 replica.
Additionally, all signals of the KIM-1 are replicated on an edge connector to allow further expansions and also on a pin header for easy breadboarding.

The MTU bus connects 1 to 1 to the KIM-1 expansion connector with the exception of pins 2,3, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and X, because MTU boards use some of these pins for power and expanded 18 bit address bus See page 33 of the MTU Fall 1980 6502 Peripherals and Software catalog. Two pin connectors have to be wired to pins J (K7) and K (DECODE ENABLE) of the KIM-1 application connector.

Like in the original MTU’s bus motherboard, a five screw terminal block provides power connections for both the KIM-1 (GND, +5V and +12V regulated) and the expansion boards (+7.5V and +16V unregulated). Also as in the original, the +12V terminal is not really connected to anything.

Everything is available on his GitHub page.