Graphics Software Package K-1008

Graphics Software package for the MTU K-1008 Visible: sources, binaries and demos

This package was distributed as a manual and a cassette with some binaries. The user is supposed to type in and adapt the sources himself.
In this package find the following printed, assembled, and commented program listings of

  • SWIRL demonstration program
  • LIFE demonstration program
  • SDTXT Simplified text display subroutine, 22 lines 53 char.
  • VMSUP Comprehensive graphics subroutine library containing point and line plotting routines, a character drawing routine and an ASCII text display routine.
Graphics/Text Software Package manual
The manual has been OCR’ed by Eduardo Casino

The original sources are typed in by Eduardo Casino. He also OCR’ed the manual.

He created a package with OCR’ed and type in listings and manual, assembler sources for 64tass, and binaries in Intel hex and MOS papertape format. He kindly allowed it to be published here.

TASM and binary versions of the Graphics Software package
Download here the TASM and binary version of the Graphics Software package
Hans Otten has taken the original typed in sources, and changed the assembler format to a more common assembler and assembled with TASM32.
The software has been tested with the K-1008 emulation in the KIM-1 Simulator and (very limited, Eduardo did a great job!) some more proofreading and corrections.

The demos SWIRL and LIFE only require a KIM-1 without expansions.

The text and graphic subroutines SDTXT and VMSUP require more RAM. To show that they are working, versions have been made that connect to MS Basic for the KIM-1 (KB9) as examples how to use.
Several versions are available in source and binary papertape format, instructions are in the folders readme.txt and memorymap.txt files:
– SDTXT original in TASM format
– SDTXT in low or high memory as display for KB9, character input via the standard KIM-1 TTY.
– SDTXT as display for KB9 with an more standard lowercase character set.
– SDTXT as display for KB9 with (incomplete) 8 bit extended character set.
– VMSUP in original in TASM format
– VMSUP in low or high memory as display for KB9 with an more standard lowercase character set.

Demo of SWRIL and Life in the KIM-1 Simulator, on Eduardo Casino’s K-1008 and Dave Plummer’s K-1008

SDTXT connected to KB9

SDTXT with alternate lowercase character set

KB9 connected to VMSUP