Replace both 6530s in KIM-1

Eduardo Casino has designed with modern tools, like Kicad and image software Inkscape a PCB for the KIM-1 which is as close as he could get to a Rev D.

This of course brought up the issue of how to get the 6530-002 and 6520-003 for this board, since those are unobtainable since a long time.
That can be solved with a FPGA. Or with a fast microcontroller like the Teensy, that is already proofed to be a good 6502 and more emulator (MCL65+).

As a first step Eduardo designed a PCB that is placed on top of the KIM-1. The 6530-002 and -003 need to be replaced with IC sockets, the PCB inserts in these sockets. It is like the Corsham 6530 replacement board, but now for both 6530s.

The style of the PCB is adapted to the syle of original KIM-1 and Eduardo’s reproduction, with curved lines.

Details, gerbers, Kicad project, at Eduardo Casino’s github page.