Scopes and Logic Analyzers


An analog scope, with a real tube.
2 channel, 20 MHz.
A very traditional scope as the ones used during my student years. Perfect old fashioned and so easy to use. Perfect for analog audio and slow digital work.

Owon HDS2061M-N handheld oscilloscoop

Siglent SDS2304, 4CH, 300MHz, 300 MHz bandwidth, sample rate GSa/s, 28 Mpt memory depth, 4 channels,
Siglent SDS2000 8 channel logic analyzer optie SPL1008 Siglent SDS-2000-LA
The most advanced equipment I have. A DSO and Logic analyzer. Complicated, very fast and powerful.

Bitscope micro DSO
USB based DSO, 2 channel analog, 6 digital, or 8 channel Logica analyzer