Replica 1 TE

Replica 1 TE improvements (2008)

  • Apple 1 compatible 44 pin slot
  • Apple 1 compatible 44 pin edge connector
  • Bread board area for hobby experiments
  • Elimination of jumpers
  • Improved video display using Parallax Propeller (works with most TV’s and monitors)
  • No need for Apple 1 slot adapter because Apple 1 slot now onboard as well as original replica 1 connector
  • User firmware updates. User can download firmware updates and install. No need to send in for new chips.

The use of the Propeller instead of the ATMega IC’s makes the TE more compact, it handles video and PS/2 interfacing.

Replica 1 TE Setup and users Manual
Replica 1 TE schematic

Replica 1 TE CD