Elektor 6502 clock

In 1981 and 1982 the magazine Elektor (Elektuur) published a small 6502 system. Small since it only contained a 6502, a 6532 RRIOT and a 2716 2K EPROM and some logic IC’s and powersupply, all on a small PCB.
Several applications around this baord were publsihed, like a DCF77 clock, a general purpose clock, and a darkroom computer. Also a talking clock baord, around the speech IC UAA1003 was published.

Recently I obtained a DCF77 talking clock system, and I took it apart and cleaned it up to experiment with the boards, and I do not want to use the heavy lineair power circuits anymore. See the bottom of the page how it looked in the original form.

Circuit of CPU module, 6502, 6532, 2716, clock, power supply, decode logic

LEDs and keyboard of clock module

LEDs and keyboard of darkroom module

CPU board

Talking clock with UAA1003

LED and keyboard of talking DCF77 clock

Talking clock circuit UAA1003

Memory map

Memory map, only decoded up to A11, so everything is mirrored in the 64K memory space in 4K blocks.

0000 - 007F zeropage/stack
0080        6532 registers
0400        latch 4 bit output
0800 - 0FFF 2k ROM 2716
FFFA - FFFF vectors in ROM

Magazine articles

Elektuur/Elektor published the articles around this 6502 system in 1981 and 1982. Not all were published everywhere. The DCF77 clock was not published for example in the UK (and that makes sense, nor reception there from Frankfurt). Only in the Dutch articles, sources were published in addition to the hex dumps of the firmware.
Here the scanned articles

Dutch articles:
– DCF77 clock
– Alarmclock with listing of sources
– Doka computer
– Errors in articles
German articles:
– DCF77 clock
– alarm clock
– Duka Clock
EPROM image

Elektor clock EPS-82137_ checked
EPROM source

Elektor clock EPS-82137 source
English articles:
– 6502 housekeeper
– Talking clock
– Darkroom computer
UAA1003 ITT datasheet

Listing of DCF77 clock

Listing of changes for alarmclock

Original DCF77 housing