KIM-1 Replika

Colin Wolf (C. W. (chefkoch) ) posted a thread in 2021 on showing a KIM-1 Replika he had build.
A KIM-1 with the dimensions and layout of the original KIM-1! OF course he used 6532 instead of the 6530-002 and -003, so a ROM was needed. To preserve the layout, this ROM was hidden as daughterboard on the back. The daughterboard also has the extra decoding circuit required for the 6532s. A very elegant solution!

The text by Colin on the post:
Hallo *,

wie bereits in dem Thread Beitrag “Fotos KIM-1 rev. F oder G”
angekündigt war ich dabei einen KIM-1 nachzubauen. Nach einigen
lehrreichen Stunden CAD-Fleißarbeit ist es nun vollbracht.

Es lebt!

Die beiden 6530 wurden durch 6532 ersetzt. Für die Umkodierung wurde der
Vorschlag unter
benutzt und als Huckepackplatine realisiert. Der komplette
Funktionsumfang mit Audio- und Fernschreiberinterface ist also

I have received the circuit diagrams in PDF format and publish here with permission by Colin Wolf:
KIM-1 Circuit diagram
Daugther board

He showed these photos on the post:

Wolfgang Robel build a KIM-1 Replika with PCBs from Coloin Wolf. On his website he shows the build process and the working end result.

Photos reproduced here with permission from Wolfgang Robel. As you can see the end result is great, though he had to deal with broken 6532s from China and broken 2102 SRAM ICs.