KIM-1 articles

Articles, translated to English, from the Dutch KIM/6502 Kenner magazine:

See also the section on 6502 and KIM-1/SYM-1/AIM 65 articles in the magazines of the seventies and eighties.

Data-1K Resident Assembler
ASCII parallel keyboard encoder
Micro-soft Basic Q and A
Using KIM as Dedicated Controller KIM app note 11477
es lebe der kim Es Lebe der KIM-1
ELCOMP article how to start with the KIM-1, includes sample programs
and a LED hardware experiment.
A 2k Symbolic Assembler for the 6502
Source and description of a small 6502 symbolic assembler
for the 6502 such as KIM-1 or SYM-1, Robert Ford Denison
A programmers guide to the KIM-1
German introduction the the hardware of KIM-1 and KIMClone,
Erik Bartmann
KIM cursus Digitaal schakelen
Dutch course on programming the KIM-1
by KIM User Club Siep de Vries.
The KIM-1 as eight-channel datalogger
Hardware and system description,
James Campbell, John Forest 1984
Computer Performance of Music
Hal Chamberlin, Byte 1977
KIM Hypertape
Hyper about slow Load Times, Kilobaud, Jim Butterfield
Computers in Classrooms
Teaching the teachers, Lance Leventhal, Kilobaud 20 1978
A KIM-1 Sidereal/Solar clock
John O. Bumgarner, Interface Age, August 1977
Highest-speed audio dump
Program by U.O. Schröder
Huey Calculator
Don Rindsberg, adapted by C.Bond
Pocket Calculator
KIM Club Publication For LED display or TTY
KIM Kenner version by Siep de Vries
Suppress echo of TTY Get Character
Prevent echo when reading a character from the TTY input
and make TTY input deaf, written by Hans Otten.
KIM Kenner 17. Page 1, Page 2, making deaf,
idea by Siep de Vries in KIM Kenner 5
KIM-1 versus SYM-1 routines
Equivalent but slightly different KIM-1 and SYM-1 ROM routines
KIM Tape Copy v1.1
KIM Tape Copy v1.1, copy all files on a KIM cassette.
Uses two recorders attached as shown in the Micro Ade manual.
Source in Micro Ade format
Listing of Tape Copy
2708 programmer
EPROM-Programmierer KIM-1:2708, Ingo Dohman, 65XX MICROMAG
A Digital Video Display System on KIM-1
N. Solntseff M.D. Drummond
KIM-1 expansion
Non-volatile DS1220 SRAM 2KB, 128K Flash
How to flash the 28F010, assembler source
Real-time exec for KIM-1
KIM-1 Microcomputer Module a user’s note
by T.E. Travis, Microtrek August 1976
KIM-1 TTY tot RS-232-C Circuit diagram how to connect
the current loop KIM-1 TTY interface to RS-232-C. Hans Otten
Improved KIM Communications
RS-232-C interface, extra serial output listing,
Micro June 1981, Ralph Tenny
Data exchange between KIM-1 and TRS-80
Datenaustausch zwischen KIM und TRS-80,
Claus Wunsche, 65XX Micromag
KIMATH is a floating point package, 16 digit precision for the
KIM-1 6502 system. Original MOS Technology listings, binary, documents in PDF and text format, sources.
MATHPAC is a supplement by John Eaton, Dr Dobbs nr 20, to aid in using KIMATH.
Original article in PDF and text format with sources and binaries.
See also the KIMath manual in the KIM-1 manuals page
KIM Memory test
For TTY and KIM keypad.
Siep de Vries, KIM user Club
Driving the bits of the display directly
Shows how to light any segment of the KIM-1 LED display.
Listing of games for the KIM-1 via the TTY interface.
Easy to adapt to any 6502 machine.
An 8080 Simulator for the KIM-1
Listing of 8080 CPU simulator, Dan Mccreary.
KIM goes to the Moon
Lunar Lander game, Jim Butterfield, Byte April 1977.
Frontpanel for the KIM: UPanel
Hardware and software for a frontpanel,
George Laing, January 1979
KIM-1 Breakpoint Routines
Breakpoint routines, Willi Kushe, Dr Dobbs June 1977.
KIM-1 Disassembler
Apple disassembler ported to KIM-1
T. E. Bridge, Dr Dobbs Number 20
KIM-1 Extended Monitor Users Manual
OSI Extended Monitor ported to KIM-1
KIM-1 Microprocessor Fundamentals
Seminar workbook R. Bennett, J. Ross
Is the KIM-1 For Every-1
Introduction to the KIM-1
Robert M. Tripp Kilobaud August 1977
Where is KIM going
News on the KIM-1 Richard Simpson, Kilobaud 1977
Build the TVT-6
A low cost direct video display Part 1, July, Part 2 August,
Don Lancaster, Popular Electronics, 1977
Experimenting with the 6551
Introduction to the 6551 Marvin L. de Jong, Compute 10 March 1981
Make a KIM-1 clone with the cheap EP2C5T144 FPGA board.
Connect via TTY or add a physical LED and keypad like the KIM-1.
Presentation by Stephen A. Edwards
Archive with the design files
LEDIP A KIM/6502 Text Editor
Line editor source, Kium Akingbehin, Dr Dobbs Number 29