Elektor EC-68

Published in Elektuur/Elektor Computing 3 (Dutch and gherman) and in issue 100 1986 Elektor France.
The articles, downloadable below, are slightly different, especially the French.

A 6809 based computer on two eurocards, CPU/DRAM and CRT/FDC with the Flex operating system.

EC-68 in Elektuur Computing 3 Dutch
EC-68 in Elektor Computing 3 German
Elektor 100 August 1986 French

Philippe a.k.a. Wawavoun has build/reconstructed this system.

You can see his work at his github page

He has published:
– Gerbers of the PCBs
– dumps of the ROMs ESS541 and ESS540 and reconstructed sources
– A version of the Flex operating system adapted to the EC-68 (disks, bootcode etc)