Junior Elektor, from base to full system

The Junior Computer hardware and software is described in detail in the books and articles, see there for details.

On the following pages the essential information about the different parts are described: circuit diagrams, articles, ROM source and binaries etc.
It starts with a simple SBC: the base Junior. And it ends with a complete floppy disk and video based computer: the full Junior.

Note that the Junior has the Elektor bus and could use a lot of the cards developed later for the EC65/Octobus, but memory layout differences may require adaptations. Study articles and books, lots and lots of subtle changes required in every step.

Thanks to many contributors, for ROMs and information! Philippe Roca, Philippe Roehr, Keith Robinson, Guus Assmann, the people at forum.system-cfg.com , VzEkC e. V. (classic-computing.de), Bram Prosman, Ian Lockhart. If forget someone, I want to thank you!

Memory layout
An attempt to show the meory map of a fully enhanced Junior system.