TM76 Burr Brown 6502 terminal

A small device in the local thrift store got my attention, it has those calculator kind of displays, bubbles, rare and often more than 7 segments.

Interesting, looks like a microprocessor trainer? No price on it, the lady at the desk said after some thing: give me an euro.
So I did and took it home.

At home I did the obvious: google TM76 Burr Brown. Lots of sales appeared, certainly worth more than a dollar, 100 or so is more the current price.
Another hit was the 1982 catalog of Burr Brown and there was the TM70/TM76: a serial ASCII terminal. Display has full ASCII display of 12 characters. Power supply 5V on (unusal) pin at RS-232-C interface connector on the back.

TM70 and TM76 guide

And some one already had the displays identified: DL1414: 4 digit 16 segment LED displays, full ASCII set, with memory/decoder, intelligent display.
See here for a test.

Interesting, a handheld termianl with an alphanumeric keypad and function keys. But what is inside? Unscrewing was easy and it was a surpise: a 6502 + 6532 system!

So far for today .. connecting power and then perhaps later desolder the EPROM and look what program is inside.