Rockwell AIM 65 and RM65

AIM 65 was Rockwell’s SBC, in the tradition of KIM-1 and VIM/SYM-1, sharing the Application and Expansion connector designs, so add-ons could be used on all three. The Keypad/LED was replaced with a full keyboard and a 20 character display, making it more like a desktop computer than a SBC.
The AIM 65 (Advanced Interactive Monitor 65) has a 6502 CPU at 1 MHz and 1-4K RAM

The Rockwell AIM 65 computer is a development computer, introduced in 1978, based on the MOS Technology 6502 microprocessor. Available software included a line-oriented machine code monitor, BASIC interpreter, assembler, Pascal, PL/65, and FORTH development system.
Later developments were the AIM 65/40 (40 character display, memory banks) and the RM 65 card based development system.
After 1984 Rockwell discontinued the AIM 65 and RM 65 product lines.

De PC 100 getest, an article by me, Hans Otten, August 1980,
in Radio Bulletin about the Siemens PC100, an AIM 65 with a case,
German documentation and sold by Siemens, Brutech in the Netherlands.