Dave Plummer has a K-1008

Dave Plummer has a K-1008

Dave Plummer bought a KIM-1 in a cage with many MTU cards. See his videos on youtube.

Memory test on a K-1008 by The Glitchworks

In the last video Dave shows the little disaster that made his KIM-1 not so happy. Dave asked the help of The Glitchworks to repair and the KIM-1 system was restored. One of the victims was the K-1008 card, Glitchwrks made a memory test program to test it.

In the next video I show the memory test program at work in the KIM-1 Simulator in the video memory.
Here the archive with the test program I compiled for the video.

Dave Plummer test programs

Dave used the CC65 C compiler/assembler package to write programs to test the KIM and the K-1008.
Here the archive with sources and binaries (runs at $2000).

The Demo programs running in the KIM-1 Simulator: