RM 65


Datasheets of all available RM 65modules are described in Chapter 9 of the 1984 Synertek Databook

User manuals of some RM modules:

Single Board Computer (SBC) Module User’s Guide

Single Board Computer (SBC) Module User’s Guide
16K PROM ROM Module User’s Manual
32K Dynamic RAM Module User’s Guide
8K Static RAM User’s Manual
General Purpose Input Output and Timer Module Users Manual
Run-time BASIC User’s Manual

RM 65 32K Dynamic RAM module

RM 65 Floppy Disk Controller Module

Floppy Disk Controller Module User’s Manual
RM 65 Floppy disk Controller Module User’s manual

RM 65 CRT Controller

Configuration Guide Rockwell Modular Microcomputer Products

Software Preparation System Development Configurations

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Development System

RM 65 to AIM 65 Interface card

RM65 interface on AIM 65 expansion connector

Interface card between RM65 and AIM 65

General Purpose I/O Timer interface

Rear of General Purpose I/O Time interface card

RM65 top

Cage with cards

CRT Controller

FDC Controller

Rear of Floppy disk interface card

32K RAM Memory card

Rear of 32K RAM memory card