Elektor Junior ASSM/TED

MAE ASSM/TED for the Elektor Junior

Adapted version for the Junior of the KIM-1 MAE. Adaptations from the KIM User Club in the Netherlands, distributed also by the Dutch importer Ing Bureau Schroder.

Here the unchecked binaries and sources from a cassette that came with a Junior. Author and origin unknown.

The sources, though called 65C02 are the (original?) sources of MAE for the Elektor Junior. They were the base for the source reconstruction of the KIM-1 and SYM-1 versions.
Labels look original, not much comments, no copyright nor other information.
Besides some extra table entries for LDA only 6502 support.

CW MOSER JUNIOR adaptations to KIM-1 version

ElektorJunior ASSM/TED MAE binary versions

MAE CW MOSER 65(C)02 sources in MAE/RAE format for Junior