Tiny Basic

Tiny Basic for the KIM-1 and the TIM in the Superjolt

Tiny Basic interpreter Copyright 1976 Itty Bitty Computers, used by permission

Tiny Basic on the Superjolt

On this page information how to run Tiny Basic, by Tom Pittman, for the KIM-1 or a TIM (RRIOT 6530-004) based machine, like Jolt and Superjolt, with 4K RAM at least extra.
Any 6502 machine with character I/O can run Tiny Basic, source is available with just a few changes to be made to I/O, memory layout and breaktest. Note that most of the zeropage is used by Tiny Basic!

All tests and binary file manipulation with Tiny Basic have been done with my KIM-1 and TIM Superjolt simulators.
File conversion between binary and papertape and such is done with the Convert Hex 8 bit formats utility.

On this page you find: