My 6502 systems

On this page I show you some photos of my current 6502 systems. Click on a photo to see a larger version!

See also the My KIM page

Micro-KIM by Vince Briel

IMG_9772 IMG_9773 IMG_9773

IMG_9765 IMG_9767 IMG_9768
Expansion bus with 4 slots, 6532 card, 32K memory card

Apple 1 Replica V1 Vince Briel

IMG_9779 IMG_9781 IMG_9782
IMG_9761 IMG_9760
Expansion bus

IMG_9774 IMG_9775 IMG_9763
Multi I/O board

IMG_9783 IMG_9784
CFFA1 compactflash file system

A-One by Franz Achatz and San Bergmans

IMG_9787 IMG_9764 IMG_9785
A-One extended, experimeter cards

Pocketerm by Vince Briel

IMG_9777 IMG_9778

Junior Elektuur/Elektor

IMG_9928 IMG_9930 IMG_9929
Junior, cassette interface part not installed (Musicprint cassette interface was used by previous owner)

IMG_9928 IMG_9927
Second Junior, no display, completely build

IMG_9932 IMG_9912
I/O card unused

IMG_9933 IMG_9925
Power supply (78H05), Musicprint cassette interface

EC65/Octopus/Elektor bus cards

IMG_9913 IMG_9916 IMG_9916
CPU + I/O card, SRAM card

IMG_9917 IMG_9917 IMG_9921
SRAM cards, 64K DRAM card

IMG_9924 IMG_9924 IMG_9922
VDU card (6545), FDC card (OS65D), EPROM programmer

Bus card

6502 Microprocessor Kit
Wichit Sirichote

Found this website on a search for parts, its a 65sc02 kit much like the Microprofessor 1

Well documented! Kits are for sale on ebay.

The author, Wichit Sirichote, has designed a whole range of these kits for Z80, 8080, 6802 and more.

Worth a look.