DOS65 Small C Compiler


Small C-compiler for DOS65

Here is the archive with the Small C files. Note that the floppy disk images contain many examples, search for *.C files (.MAC files are intermediate files, also many present)

Comes with an updated assembler (larger buffers),.

Not implemented:

  • Floats (reals).
    Meer dimensionale arrays.
    the  , operator
    initialisation of variable at decalration time: replace int i=25; with  i; i=25;
    operators && en ||.
  1. Compile a C program (textfile with extension .c) with the command ‘CC test’ in te typen.
    The compiler creates  the file test.mac
  2. Assemble with  ‘as test’
  3. library files used at assembly time are cxxx.mac files.
  4. Assemble delivers the file file test.bin
  5. mccom test’ to a command  ‘test’ op de systeemschijf.