Lee Davison’s website

On this page I have tried to reconstruct the website of Lee Davison, the last version was on mycorner.no-ip.org.
This reconstruction and interpretation is based upon my last capture of January 2009.
EHBASIC versions are the latest, as they were saved in multiple locations on the web.
Layout and adaptions/corrections/enhancements are mine, to keep it relevant and inline with intentions of this website.

This version contains only the 6502 pages.

Enjoy and remember a gifted and nice person, Lee Davison!

6502 based projects.

By Lee Davison.




6502 Microcontrollers

Project examples

During many years I have communicated with Lee Davison, an engineer from Wales. Known for EHBASIC (6502 and 68000 version) and a wide interest in 6502 hardware and software.

Lee passed away at age 49, 27th of September 2013.
His website was quite impressive. But alas lost. Over the years I did download some contents, in 2007 and 2009 I made a complete dump. Of course many items entered after 2009 are now lost,  archive.org shows the pages but not the images and files.