CODOS (Channel Oriented Disk Operating System) is the name of the Disk Operating System made by MTU for KIM-1, SYM-1 and AIM-65.
The DOS needs the K-1013 floppy disk controller, 8 inch disk drive(s) and optional the K-1008 Visible Memory.

CODOS V2 was the version for the MT-130/140. Lots of software was available, see the MT-130 page for manuals.
Dave Plummer (of Dave’s Garage) has a KIM-1 system with various MTU cards, including the K-1013.

CODOS Disk images

CODOS Manuals

CODOS Manual
CODOS User Manual
CODOS User Manual OCR’ed
QumeTrak 842 Maintenance Manual

Dave Williams has the following, not yet dumped by him, disks:

  • MACASM 1.0
  • MAGIC/L Language
  • MTU-C
  • MTU-FORTH79 2.1
  • WOPDPIC 1.0 NEC 8023 Printer Version
  • MTU-130 User Group Diskette #3
  • MTU-140 User Group Diskette #5