I build a RC6502 SBC

I build a RC6502 SBC and a backplane. A kit is available at Hein Pragt’s webshop.
Nice build, work fine. I now have a real Apple 1 (replica), the A-One and Briel Replica 1 and this Apple 1 clone!
My experiences here!

Commodore Chessmate

I have acquired a Commdore Chessmate! Working well.

Michael Gardi and Stephen Crane are working on Chessmate emulators. Micheal aims for a physical identical one, Stephen uses cheap but powerfull microntrollers.
More on the Chessmate, and the 6530 024 RRIOT (the ROM contains the opening book!) here.

Add the Apple 1 monitor to the KIM ROM!

The Apple 1 and the KIM-1 are some of the earliest 6502 systems made.
Both are desirable, Apple 1’s sell for lots of $$$ and KIM-1s are getting more expensive.

Luckily we can build a KIM-1 clone that is either cheap and compatible, like the PAL-1, or a bit more authentic as the various KIM-1 boards.
Anyway, a clone has the KIM ROMs, and in E(E)PROM, to make it a KIM-1 clone. Altering is not done, you loose that unique spartan user interface!

The Apple 1 has also a monitor program, often called Wozmon to honor the genius of Steve Wozniak.

And you can combine both user interfaces on a not expanded KIM-1 clone!
I also included the Wozmon as a Setting in the KIM-1 Simulator.

Read more here!

Another update to the Simulators

KIM-1 and TIM Simulator have seen a small update.
Improvements on console handling and little annoyances. Focal added as programming language, for KIM-1 and TIM!
The Apple 1 Monitor, wozmon is now available as a Setting to be added the not used space in the 6530-003 tape ROM.

KIM-1 Simulator 1.4.0
TIM Simulator 0.6beta
Convert Hex Formats 2.8 (bundled also with simulators)


Focal-65 V3D for TIM and KIM-1

Focal on the 6502, a page on this small language, originating for Digital Equipment.
A small interpreter (about 5K) for a convenient interpreted language. Floating point 9 digit accuracy. At least two versions were distributed around 1977, one by Aresco, called “Focal V3D” and another by the Program Exchange as representative of the Denver 6502 Group, often called “Focal-65E”

Latest addition is a reconstruction of the source, by Wayne Wall of the Denver 6502 Group in 1977, of Focal V3D for the TIM to binary, and a port to the KIM-1.
Based upon a listing of the TIM Focal-65 from 1977 and a Focal-65 User manual, repaired and cleaned up.
And that enabled the reconstruction of the soource Focal-65 V3D as distributed by Aresco!

Read all about Focal-65 here!


John Bell Engineering catalogs

Thanks to Dallas Shell I have added the 1984 and 1988 catalog to the John Bell Engineering pages.
Also a hand drawn and official circuit diagram of the 82-300 SBC.

LJ Learning EMMA update

I have added a page on LJ Technical Learning’s Digiac line of 6502 systems.

End of year updates to my programs

I have made some small updates to four of my programs.
Updates are bugfixes, cosmetic changes to also to let Raspberry Pi OS versions work, a nicer looking Windows setup and in general bringing all the programs to the same level.

Convert 8 bits hex formats V 2.7
KIM-1 Simulator V 1.3.9
TIM Superjolt Simulator V 0.5
SerialTester V 1.1

Tiny Basic by Tom Pittman

Sources, manuals, articles, patched binaries for KIM-1 and TIM!Tiny Basic for the KIM-1 and the TIM in the SuperjoltTiny Basic interpreter.
Copyright 1976 Itty Bitty Computers, used by permission
On this page information how to run Tiny Basic, by Tom Pittman, for the KIM-1 or a TIM (RRIOT 6530-004) based machine, like Jolt and Superjolt, with 4K RAM at least extra.Any 6502 machine with character I/O can run Tiny Basic, source is available with just a few changes to be made to I/O, memory layout and breaktest.

All tests and binary file manipulation with Tiny Basic have been done with my KIM-1 and TIM Superjolt simulators, and also got an update this week.

A TIM (6530-004) Superjolt simulator update, also KIM-1 Simulator

A TIM (6530-004) Superjolt Demon simulator.

Version 0.4. TIM Superjolt Simulator V0.4, Tiny Basic working!

Since the TIM Simulator and the KIM-1 Simulator share a lot of code, also the KIM-1 Simulator got an update, to let Tiny Basic work better: V1.3.8 is available.

The bundled Conversion 8 bit hex formats is now at version 2.6.

I have since yesterday a Raspberry Pi 5. Great little machine. Very grown up installation. Lazarus works fine with the usual trick of first the apt install version and then fpcupdeluxe for a newer version.

The TIM and KIM-1 Simulator work fine on the Pi 5, so a Raspberry Pi 5 is now included in the distributions.