Superjolt manuals and schematics

I have added Superjolt manuals and schematics to the Jolt pages

Datac 1000 more information

Added some photo’s, a good schematic and user group newsletters to page devoted to the DATAC 1000, a small TIM-1 (6530-004) system, a very early 6502 SBC, as used by the Philadelphia based PACS users, manufactured by Datac engineering.

Data Handler, an early 6502 SBC

The Data Handler is a SBC (actually two boards!) built in 1975 by Western Data Systems Corporation.
One of the first computers based upon the then new 6502, as the KIM-1. Jolt, OSI 300.

Photos and blog about this SBC by Armin Zink, who owns a Data handler.

The following text and scans of the manual are by Armin Zink on his blog.

Datac 1000, a TIM 6502 SBC from 1976

This single board computer was premiered at the club’s August 1976 meeting in Atlantic City, NJ. Once “perfected,” the computer helped introduce many PACS members, and others,to the field of microcomputers. The official manufacturer of this computer was Datac Engineering of Southampton, PA.The computer was available in two models: the $185 “tutorial” version and the fully populated and tested version for $345.In either case the 6502 CPU was included. Computer was instantly usable and featured expansion capabilities, touch sensitive input keypads and a documentation package.The computer was so revolutionary that it was featured in Byte Magazine’s July 1977 edition.

Photos and information thanks to and

KIM-1 Simulator at version 1.1.4

The KIM-1 Simulator is now at version 1.1.4. Not much news, just some small steps. Windows executable is updated, Linux versions require compiling sources.

– Feedback made me change the behaviour of Run/Stop state when the debugger’s Run facilities were used: the Run/Stop state is set to not running to enable stepping in debugger
– SST switch now tells it is not to be used for debugging.- Use of Lazarus Icons to improve design, Main menu now shows icons:

Junior Computer II

Written by 2021 by Joerg Walke, visit his webiste for the most actual version!
The Junior Computer ][ is an expanded version of the original Junior Computer. To make it more useful, I’ve equipped it with 32KB RAM, 8KB ROM and an onboard RS232 serial interface for connecting a terminal or a printer. For the use with a terminal, I also wrote an extended monitor program thats included in the bigger ROM. The development of the Junior Computer ][ is still in progress, so some other features will find its way to the mainboard.On the picture above, you can see the actual rev. 2 board of the Junior Computer ][.The new revision 3 board has arrived!…all components assembled and soldered…and it works fine!

New SBC: SYM-1

I have acquired a SYM-1 Rev 1.1. Again a historical milestone back in my collection.

It works, so much more advanced software than a KIM-1, with more I/O and 4K memory.

No Basic or RAE ROMs alas.

See the Synertek SYM-1 pages for more info.


The Computerist PLUS page updated

Thanks to Friedrich Hofmann I have added information on the Video PLUS II and DRAM PLUS borads to The Computerist page.


A German magazine devoted to the 65XX SBC’s like KIM-1, SYM-1 and mostly AIM 65. June 1978 to 1978, 49 issues.Complete scans thanks to the German forum Verein zum Erhalt klassischer Computer e.V. (forum

KIM-1 related page update

Recently on Ebay a KIM-1 lookalike showed up. The PCB is inspired but clearly newly designed. It is called ‘Scandinavian’ because another identical ‘clone’ had a scandinavian businness sticker on it. Armin Hierstetter bought it and send me photos shown on the “KIM-1 related’ page.