KIM-1 printer output RS232 H14

Original articles KIM Kenner 13 1980, 6502 Kenner 19 1981: Hans Otten PGJ de Beer Trasnlated Hans Otten 2021

In two articles a routine to send a character via serial to a printer (or any serial device) and interface this routine to Micro Ade.
The second version allows for handshake signal CTS.
Baudrate may vary from 300 to 9600 baud. Only one or two (handshake) PIA bits are nevcessary, the serial signal is composed with bit banging.
A simple hardware connection to RS232 in two variants: RS232C signal level compliant or a very simple resistor (sufficient for short distances and most printers).

Source in Micro Ade format.

First source with choice of baudrate, second fixed baudrate 4800 baud and CTS handshake.

Also a routine to read a character form a parallel keyboard connected to PIA A with strobe bit in bit 7.