Junior software

Monitor ROMs, binaries and sources

The Monitor was published as a hex dump as second article in the Junior publication, See it here.
Note that this 1K ROM was assembled for address $1C00, since the Junior maps that location also to $FC00, where a iK 6502 boot ROM has to be. Of course this means trouble when the memory decoding is enhanced and Elektor spent much text and hardware to solve this. The best solution is not to use the original ROM but use a binary assembled for upper memory.
Here you see where to change the addresses.

A collection of dumps of various ROMs from Juniors, expansion cards, EC65/Octopus. Not tested but may be useful.
PM. TM Monitor etc, 506, Mini EPROM 511(n)
VDU, Character, Micro Ade, SYM AIM BASIC EPROMer 6502 tracer, 244, Mini EPROM 51
EC 65 Octopus ROMs, dumped from CPU cards

The system software of the Junior is made up of several ROMS. The Monitor ROM is the base system in 1K in a 2708 EPROM on the main board.
The Interface board offered space for 2716 type of EPROMS and audio tape management. ROMs like the PM, TM and PME appeared. See the Junior Book 4 for more information.

If you want a reliable ROM for a Junior, build it from source. Available sources are:
PM TM PME sources
PM source
Monitor ROM source at $FC00
Monitor, for $1C00! by Bram Prosman
PM PM PME sources
Monitor sources in CW Moser format, and recombined for $FC00

You can assemble these sources with the assembler included in the archive or with one of these fine assemblers:
TASM Telemark assembler, runs on Windows 10.
A65 assembler, run in DOSBOX or VDOS.

Microsoft KB-9 Basic V1.1

How to adapt KB-9 BASIC to the Junior

KB-9 stands for Microsoft BASIC V1.1 for the KIM-1  with 9 digits precision. .
Scanned manual
The original KIM-1 KB9 Microsoft BASIC V1.1, binary and papertape

See the KIM-1 Software page for more information on KB-9 BASIC.

Tiny Basic

Tom Pitman’s Tiny basic. Small enough to fit in th 1K KIM-1, yet a real Basic interpreter

Tiny Basic binaries, low memory version and version with start address 2000
Tiny Basic manual as pdf
KIM Kenner 23 Tiny Basic, Filip van Kenhove, adapt to Elektor Junior

See the KIM-1 Software page for more information on Tiny Basic.


COMAL is an interpreted structured language. I have only as original the KIM User Club Elektor Junior version, and as with most of the 6502 SBC programs, not that difficult to adapt to a KIM-1, as shown in the last pages of the manual (in/out/break character, load/save tape, memory layout).
KGN COMAL binary
Manual KGN COMAL (dutch)

See the KIM-1 Software page for more information on Comal.

Micro Ade

Micro-ADE was the working horse for many KIM-1 users, the small and powerful assembler/editor written by Peter Jennings.
Manual and program are placed here with permission by Peter Jennings to the KIM Club (thank you Peter for this and for a great program!)

Micro Ade program binaries, KIM-1 original, Elektor Junior, extended versions
See the KIM-1 Software page for more information on Micro Ade.


Microchess for the KIM-1. Runs on a standard KIM-1, in the available RAM of 1.1K. Control via LED displays and hex keypad, with patching also via the TTY interface.

Binary, original dump of cassette files
Original manual (from the reseller The Computerist
Original manual by Peter Jennings
Micro on the Junior (from http://www.sjlabs.nl)
See the KIM-1 Software page for more information on Microchess.

Various sources

CW sources
Junior hypertape test
Junior hypertape
Junior sym basic basicode source read write part 1
Junior sym basic basicode source read write part 2
RTTY sources
RTTY sources
Tutor Morse code KIM Kenner
Elektuur issue 222 clock source

Junior tapes

In a package with Elektor hardware Octopus cards I once bought, I found a little book and a floppy disk in DOS65 format with Junior tape dumps. Already in binary format, made with what I think is an 68000/Atari/Amiga program. Source is also included. Download here the archive

Included are sources and programs like
– Junior PM and TM
– memory test
– Micro Ade, KIM-1 and Junior version, also in source format and extended format
– Clock source program
– CW Moser assembler/editor, also in source
– Forth, Comal
– SYM Basic adapted to Junior

See the included juniortapes.txt for a complete listing of what is included on tape. Note that most files have been ‘unpacked’ and renamed and are available here and on the KIM-1 Software page , either as binary or as source. See the PC Utilities page how to extract the assembler source files.

Junior DOS

The floppy disk system for the Junior was based upon OS-65 V3D from Ohio Scientific, the interface is a clone and, since the software was for sale, a separate object.