Replica 1 Briel

The beginnings
In 2003 Vince Briel, working with Tom Owad, got the idea to design an Apple 1 replica. He looked at the Apple 1 circuit and took the easy parts: the 6502 and 6821, RAM, ROM.
The dificult part is the video circuit with hard to get parts and replaced that with a ATMega processor. He also added a PS/1 keybaord input and combined that with the parallel keyboard input circuit. The result was a functional replica of the Apple 1 on real hardware.
Vince then started Biel computers elling Replica 1 kits and assembled boards. Many revisions followed, hundreds were sold. The latest incarnation, the Plus, is still for sale, not by Vince who stopped in 2015, but by ReactiveMicro. The Brielcomputers support website and forums are still online.
My experience with the Replica 1 begin with the Replica 1 SE in 2007, the same period Vince made the Micro-KIM

What you can find here:

Some photos of prototypes of the Replica 1:

Vince Briel looking proud of the working prototype!

Apple 1 Replica Creation Back to the Garage
Tom Owad’s book on the Apple 1, the Replica, electronics and much more.

You can read the book online at Applefritter or buy a cheap PDF version.

On the companion Cd you will find an early PCB design by Tom working with Vince. Here the circuit diagram.

Apple 1 Replica design by Vince, drawn by Tom Owad