The KIM-1 family

The KIM-1 is one of the first computer systems build around the 6502 microprocessor, somewhere in 1975.
The hardware and software concepts in the KIM-1 were reused in a number of systems created later.

  • Application and expansion connector
  • KIM-1 monitor software in ROMs 6430-002 and 6430-003
  • RRIOTs in 6530 (equivalent to 6532)
  • Bitbanged serial interface
  • 6 multiplexed seven segment LEDs and hex keyboard
  • MOS Technology papertape format load and save
  • KIM-1 audiotape format

Over the years I have collected a ‘family’ of small computers with one or more concepts of the KIM-1, as shown in the figure above.

System          Connectors KIM-1 monitor Serial  LEDS + keypad Papertape KIM-1 audio RIOT
KIM-1                X           X         X           X          X           X        X
SYM-1                X           X         X           X                      X        X
AIM 65               X                                                        X        X
MCS Alpha 1                                X           X                      X        X
Elektor Junior                             X           X                      X        X
KIM UNO                          X                     X          X                    X 
Micro-KIM                        X         X           X          X                    X
KIM Clone                        X         X           X          X                    X
PAL-1                            X         X           X          X           X        X
MOS Reproduction     X           X         X           X          X           X        X
KIM-1 Simulator                  X         X           X          X                    X