Assemblers used in sources

You can assemble the sources with the assemblers with one of these fine assemblers:

  • TASM Telemark assembler, runs on Windows 10 and 11. My favorite.
  • A65 assembler, run in DOSBOX or VDOS.
  • ASM.80 online assembler
  • the assembler from the CC65 suite, powerfull but perhaps overkill for small programs

Other tools that may help you:

  • binary file compare (I use freeware WinMerge)
  • hex editor (plugin for Notepad++)
  • convert between different 8 bit binary files format such as MOS Papertape, Intel Hex, Motorola S-Record, hex dumps. I use my own tool for that: Convert 8bit hex formats

Note that all these assemblers have a different idea about pseudo ops.

  • Some require a ‘.’ in front of a pseudo-op like .org
  • db, dw instead of .byte, .word
  • > < to indicate upper or lower byte, TASM does not know this, use & $FF and >> 8 to mask of upper byte or move upper byte to lower byte.
  • 0X or $ to indicate hexadecimal notation

Easy to edit with a Search and Replace usually.

TASM – Notepad++ integration
Install plugin NPPEXEC