Replica 1 software and hardware articles

A collection of articles and projects around the Replica 1.


REBUS Replica 1 Hardware Extensions
ACIA, Flash, Apple II sound
Ken Wessen
Apple II sound circuit
Replica Quick reference by Jeff Trenter
Krusader Ken Wessen’s assember IDE
Archive with many variants, sources, versions
Krusader 1.2.1 source for use with an ACIA
Applesoft Lite archive
EWoz extended WOZ monitor with hex file upload
Jeff Tranter’s large collection of 6502 articles
Micro-KIM, Replica 1, and much more. A real treasure collection, original here!

EEPROM programmer circuit (as featured on the Multi I/O board)
EEPROM circuit
Here’s a 1 chip EEPROM programmer for somebody wishing to copy their EEPROM or create their own data. In keeping with the replica 1 theme, it is a down and dirty solution requiring few connections. All the connections listed on the EEPROM go to their listed connections. A 74LS00 is all that is required to program an EEPROM.

This attaches to address A000-BFFF and is direct addressing. Simply write to the address to store the data. You should give a slight delay after your write since it takes 200ns to write a byte into an EEPROM. I do a short loop in basic


That does the trick. I tested this circuit out and had 0 errors when writing.