Noise fix for Replica Ten

and perhaps other Replica’s with the Propeller IC. Report by Didier.

Didier has 2 replica, the Red one Ten, the older one green, both With a propelle which had the same problem but it occurred rarely

in fact apparently all the Replica 1 with the Propeller IC ten are affected more or less by this problem.


Users have reported every few seconds a “/” appears on their screen followed by a linefeed. This renders any data entry impossible.
The Replica 1 seems to act like an antenna, moving hands above the Replica can trigger it.
The problem is reported by Reactive Micro as Screen Noise Issue.

Fix by Reactive Micro

Try adding a 100k resistor to the USB module as pictured below. And if there is still noise then add a .1uF cap (100nF) to Pin28 of the Propelelr to either Ground or +5v.

As little as 10k can be used for +3.3v pullup, but anything smaller risks damage to the FTDI module. 100k is much safer in all regards. This helps hold the data line high. It seems the RX line is held high by default. And both lines are held high when connected to a USB data port, which is why the noise issue is not seen when connected to a PC. You can connect the resistor most simply to the USB module. Or to the rear of the PCB to pin 39 (Tx) and pin 12 or 32 (+3.3v) of the Propeller.

Fix by Didier

The Reactive Micro fix dows only reduce the noise but does not stop it completely.
But adding two 2 resistors definitively fix the problem.
The real problem is the floating lines STROBE and DA of the Propeller.

To really understand this noise bug you need to check at the same time:
the circuit diagram, the Wozmon initialization, and the Propeller code

the other modification are for a change from a PIA to a PIAT for my 6502 monitor
PIAT (6524) = PIA 6250 + TIMER (as it is mounted with my patch the PIAT replace totally the PIA
without any software change)

2 lines CA and STROBE are input at the same time…
they are acting like an antenna and capturing noise
for example, if I pass my hand 5 cm above the propeller
I start to see:

as if the replica was resetting.

In fact, when the replica received a full buffer of junk it jumps to reset code…
The problem comes from the propeller code…
STROBE is programmed sometimes as input and sometimes as output to permit both the PS/2 and ASCII keyboard
it is possible to fix the propeller code to avoid the parasite but in that case, you lose the ASCII keyboard

To fix that on the back of the board add a resistor of 10K between the STROBE PIN and GND
The same problem occurs for the DA line but it only happens during the time the machine was powered up but not yet reset… the same way a 10K resistor between DA PIN and GND fix the problem

The fix for STROBE and DA is therefore two resistors added on the back of the PIA.