AIM 65 reproduction AIM65-CPLD-3v3

Mr. Nagano, from Tokyo, Japan send me photos and circuit diagram of an AIM 65 reproduction he designed an build: the AIM65-CPLD-3v3.
It is a beautiful, functional, and aesthetically faithful clone. In fact, he built two, one with a CPLD 3V3 version and a 5V version with a 6532 RIOT.

The AIM65-CPLD-3v3 will become available as a complete system (sold on ebay) in the near future.

Features of the AIM-65 reproduction AIM65-CPLD-3v3

  • TTY Interface (usb-serial)
  • Thermal Printer
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 20 x 16-Segment Display
  • (No Cassette Tape Interface)

Power Supply

  • Main Logic: 3.3V
  • 16-Segment Display : 5V
  • Thermal printer: 9V


    • 16, 12, 8MHz etc. can be selected by replacing the OSC module.
    •   In addition, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 can be selected by the DIP switch on the CPLD board
  • Peripherals ( VIA/PIA/RIOT ) :
    • If the CPU clock is set to 1 or 1/2, peripherals will run at 1/4 of that frequency.
    • When the CPU clock is set to 1/4 or 1/8, peripherals run at the same frequency as the CPU.

The following can be selected by setting the DIP SWITCH of the FLASH memory board.

  • 010: PL65/ASSEMBLER
  • 011: GWK-BASIC V2.1 for Siemens PC100
  • 100: Instant PASCAL
  • 101..111: Reserved

Manual of the AIM65-CPLD-3v3 (Version 0.3 May 2 2023)

AIM 65 Building a Retro-Computer manual,the AIM65-CPLD-3v3 Rev 03

Mr. Nagano also made a version with a voltage of 5V and running at 2MHz. R65C02, R65C22, R6532A are used for it.

Older versions:

Mr. Nagano as user Labo Asabu on Youtube

User Marco Rey y Sander has received one of the first systems, sent to developers:

Follow Mr. Nagano on twitter: Asabu Labo