R65C24, new in my collection

On its way from China, the R65C24. A dropin for a PIA, with a timer.

Part of the IC collection!

Lee Davison

During many years I have communicated with Lee Davison, an engineer from Wales. Known for EHBASIC (6502 and 6800 version) and a wide interest in 6502 hardware and software.

On this page I have tried to reconstruct his website. As said, incomplete with regards to the 2013 version, sorry about that.  EHBASIC versions are the latest, as they were saved in multiple locations on the web and I have collected diverse sources.

Enjoy and remember an special gifted person, Lee Davison!

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TIM 1 System by Joseph Watson

In the Facebook group ‘6502 programming’ Joseph Waton published a story about his TIM 1 system and photos.



6504 and Sally IC

65XX IC’s added, 6504, Sally Read More


Elektuur Junior books ocr’ed

Keith Howell kindly gave me ocr’ed versions of the Elektuur Junior books.

All four dutch, al four English and he is working on the spanish books.

You can find the documents on the Elektuur Junior page.


6502 Microprocessor Kit

Found this website on a search for parts, its a 65sc02 kit much like the Microprofessor 1 Well documented!

Kits are for sale on ebay.

The author, Wichit Sirichote, has designed a whole range of these kits for Z80, 8080, 6802 etc.

Worth a look.

(Micro-)KIM Tutorials

Aart Bik has started to publish a series if tutorials on programming the (Micro-)KIM on his blog.


KIM Kenner, later 6502 Kenner and at last uPKENNER updated!

kimkenner42Hereyou will find the collection of publications by the KIM Gebruikersclub, called the KIM Kenner , later 6502 Kenner and at last uPKENNER.

Note that the PDF’s here are in black and white, right order and orientation, from corrected images, without irrelevant pages such as memberlist and non-6502 ads, missing pages added, lower quality rescanned and doubles removed. Contents added by hand!


Cross Assembler manual MOS Technology added

The August 1975 Cross Assembler manual MOS Technology has been added to the KIM-1 page.

This manual describes the  instruction format, directives and how to use the MOS Technology cross assemblers available on the G. E. Timesharing system.Scan-160408-0001



DOS65 pages added!

I have spent the last two months updating the DOS65 pages.

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