KIM-1 rev D PCB redesign Eduardo Casino

Eduardo Casino has designed with modern tools, like Kicad and image software Inkscape a PCB for the KIM-1 which is as close as he could get to a Rev D.

Based upon images on the Revisions pages on this site.

On this thread he published the design, and made all available on his github pages.

The PCB is an exact PCB replica of the KIM-1. It therefore require s6530-002 and -003 RRIOTs, which are not available anymore.

Dual 6532 adapter board

Replacing the 6530 with a 6532 and ROM and some glue logic is a well known method nowadays.
Eduardo designed a PCB that replaces both 6530-002 and 6530-003 on a standard KIM-1 and of course his replica with a PCB that fits in the IC sockets of the 6530’s. That makes a KIM-1 completely operational!

See this github page for the design.

KIM-1 keypad replacement

See the description here