Brutech BEM

A Dutch company, producer of many 6502 and more industrial hardware, BEM was the name one of their product lines.

Brutech Electronics Microsytems – B.E.M

Gebroeders Bruyn, Vinkeveen. Small company, custom made electronics and standard microprocessor boards and systems aimed at industry and hobbyist.
During my years with Radio Bulletin we often worked with Brutech, and I visisted their office/manufacturing plant in Vinkeveen several times. The BEM-bus became the standard bus for expansion at Radio Bulletin after the first BEM-1 card was connected to the KIM-1 by Dick de Boer. Brutech specialized in the beginning on the KIM-1/VIM/SYM-1 expansion cards, later on they made their own CPU cards and besides the 6502 CPUs like the 6809 were available.

BEM-1 card, as used in the KIM memory expansion article November 1977
The BEM bus
Brutech sold the VIM-1 and SYM-1, with their cards as expansions.
Review in Radio Bulletin November 1978
Brutech sold also the PC100, the Siemens OEM version of the AIM 65. Again the expansions could be used, same bus.
Review in Radio Bulletin August 1980
The AIM 65 and KTM-2 packaged as the Samson system,. the BEM-4 memory card, the SYMP universal programmer.
Review in Radio Bulletin November 1980
BEM RTC1 card, advert in the RB CB Special 1980
BEM-Impact 1000, a BEM-bus based development system, review in Radio Bulletin Oktober 1980
BEM Eurocard system, article by C.J. Bruyn, on the BEM bus, BEM-MON-1 (a TIM 6530 004 system!) and other cards

Micro-gebeuren november 1977, BEM-1, other BEM cards
Micro-gebeuren April 1980, BEM-PSIO-1 USART card, BEM-AD3, BEM-AD4
Micro-gebeuren Mei 1980, BEM-6 16/32K EPROM card
B.E.M. SBC4D(2) 6809 based CPU card on the BEM bus

MAiS, a system for airtraffic control, developed around the BEM SBCD4 and a custom card.

As editors of the magazine Radio Bulletin we had many conversations with them and wrote articles about their products.

For the KIM-1 and SYM-1 they had many products, some based on the so called BEM bus (DIN 31 pin connector), some as addons to the 22/44 edge connector of the KIM-1.
I stilll own this 4K RAM card:

BEM SBC4 in MAIS box
An example of a 6809 CPU board in a custom industrial application. Bought front eh HCC Forth UG in 2004.