Corsham Technologies KIM Clone

A KIM-1 clone build by Bob Applegate of Corsham Technologies.

The idea was replace the 6530’s with 6532 and by careful memory decoding have the I/O, timer and RAM of the 6532’s appear at the same locations as the 6530-002 and -003. ROM is added with an EPROM.
Not an exact copy in dimensions , and the ROM has been changed/enhanced/improved with a xKIM Monitor by Bob Applegate (hex upload e.g.), though the original KIM-1 ROM should work also.

The result is a high quality build, and an exact KIM-1. With many extra’s

Available assembled and tested or as a kit. I have bought the Rev 2 PCB with essential parts from Corsham to build it!

And also bought the assembled Rev 5 with expansion connector, motherboard, Proto board,  KIM Clone I/O and SD/RTC Shield.

This is a dream of a 6502 development system! The SD shield has a simple interface in the xKIM monitor to load and save files on the SD, which is a FAT formatted card, Fast enough of course and easy to exchange fiiles on a PC with a cross assembler.

Besides the KIM Clone I have a KIM-1 60K RAM/ROM board and a KIM I/O board, connected tot he MOS Technology KIM or my original KIM-1.

What you find here:

Photos of my Corsham Technologies cards:

Rev 1A Corsham, close to Rev 2

KIM-1 RAM/ROM and I/O board connected to a KIM-1