KIM Gebruikersclub foundation, from start to finish

KIM gebruikersclub vereniging oprichting pag 1The KGN (KIM Gebruikers CLub Nederland) was founded in 1977 and published and organized meetings until 1995.

On this page you can read the first publication, the legal Foundation creation and the last ‘bye bye’ in the magazine.


KIM-1 rev B ceramic CPU, ASCII display, ASCII keyboard, Brutech 4K RAM

20160317_143332_HDRA recent acquisition delivered me a system, in excellent visual condition with

  • KIM-1 rev B ceramic white CPU and 6530, grey 6530
  • ASCII display
  • ASCII keyboard
  • Brutech 4K RAM

Now the KIM-1 has no secrets for me, this is a beautiful example with these withe IC’s
The Brutech 4K RAM card just fits on the expansion connector, I have seen these cards  before in the 70ties!

The ASCII display card, about the same size as the KIM-1 is unknown to me, the only information is ASCII Display TTY compatible v.s. 13 .
No documentation  but some properties can be deducted from the IC’s on the board. It is without doubt a  simple TYTY replacement serial ASCII display terminal.
There is a video output on the bottom right,  serial input/output on the left connector and on the left connector one can attach a ASCII parallel keyboard (see below, it is in the package). Read More

Fixed the Beta download links

Fixed the Beta download links!


65C21, 65C52 IC photos added

Three IC’s photos added to the gallery of 65XX photo collection: 6C52 two dates and 65C21, all Rockwell.

65c52p3 9304
Read More

Moved the site to another internet provider

Hopefully no one has seen it, it took less than a day and night to move all my websites to another provider.

The provider is, where all my other sites are stored already

All seems well, but if you spot a problem, please tell me!


ELCOMP Es lebe der KIM-1, OSI 300 schematic update, KIM Tape Copy

Es Lebe der KIM-1, ELCOMP article how to start with the KIM-1, includes sample programs and a LED hardware experiment.

es lebe der kim


Small modification to OSI 300 schematic.

KIM Tape Copy v1.1, copy all files on a KIM cassette. Uses two recorders attached as shown in Micro Ade manual.

kim tape copy v11

MIOT Gottlieb Sound systems 6530 replacement

I found a complete description of the replacement board for the 6530 in the Gottlieb Pinball systems multisoundsystem.

Now added to the 6530 page.


R6530 005 013 014

r6530 005p small
Until now I only saw an advertisement for a 6530-005 in an 70ties magazine. But today I found an ebay advertisement selling these IC’s. A Rockwell variant, date code 8114. Without any description, so the function is still unknown. But a photo is now found!

I also found more 6530 variants used in the pinball industry:

6530-12 or 6530-13 were used in the Gottlieb System 1 sound boards
6530-14 was used in the Gottlieb System 80 series sound boards.

Gallery of 65XX IC photos

My drawer is full with a supply of 65XX IC’s. Some bought, some donated, some salvaged. From old to quite recent.

6520 7715

OSI Model 300 trainer


For a long time I have been looking at the photos of this, o so simple 6502 trainer, to see how it works and be able to build one myself.

Now that the circuit diagram has become available I have added a page on the OSI 300 on  what I have found out about this simple 6502 system: photo’s, manual and circuit.