PAL-1 page updated

A lot has happened with the PAL-1, the active developed and available KIM clone.

So an update to the page with all the boards and manuals and modifications that appeared this year!

Elektor 6502 clock

In 1981 and 1982 the magazine Elektor (Elektuur) published a small 6502 system. Small since it only contained a 6502, a 6532 RRIOT and a 2716 2K EPROM and some logic IC’s and powersupply, all on a small PCB.
Several applications around this baord were publsihed, like a DCF77 clock, a general purpose clock, and a darkroom computer. Also a talking clock baord, around the speech IC UAA1003 was published.

Recently I obtained a DCF77 talking clock system, and I took it apart and cleaned it up to experiment with the boards.

Full documentation here.

Microchess and MICRO_ADE sources and binaries

Microchess and MICRO-ADE are two products from Micro-Ware Limited, a company by Peter R. Jennings.

The sources of these two programs have been typed in and assembled by me from August to November 2021, and the resulting binary output is identical to my saved from cassette tape binaries.
All these files (source, binaries, papertape, audio cassette wave files, and manuals) are now
available at the KIM-1 Software page.

Robert Leedom games

In the KIM User Notes there were several KIM-1 games published by Robert Leedom.

A tiny Colossal Cave Adventure, HEXPAWN and Baseball.

With his help and others these games have been typed in again and are playable on any KIM-1 (Reproduction), PAL-1, Kim Clone, Micro-KIM.

In August 2021 I (Hans Otten) typed in the source of MICRO-Ade from the listing in the manual, the output is binary compatible with the binaries I saved from tape and are tested on the KIM-1.
The result is a source identical (in standard MOS Technology assembler format) to the listing and binary identical to the page image. I also made new high quality scan of the manual and the listing.
Micro Ade program source and binary
Scanned manual
Scanned listing

Read in the KIM KENNER archive the source of the enhancements (text by S.T. Woldringh o.a.)
The KIM club enhanced Micro Ade to version 8. Download here the binary with a 2 page command summary.

6530-004 Dissected

This page about the 6530-004 dissection is about a transistor level dissection of the 6530-004 (TIM edition), brought to you by Frank Wolf and Dieter a.k.a. ttlworks. Frank Wolf and

Pascal-M 2k1 Pascal on the KIM-1

New version of the Pascal-M system, run Pascal programs on the KIM-1.

KIM-1 Simulator

First public beta of the KIM-1 Simulator

Runs in Windows and Linux (everywhere a Lazarus IDE is available, source included).

Convert hex formats new version

Bug fix release of the PC utility to convert MOS papertape, Intel hex, Motorola S record, Apple 1 hex etc. Windows and Linux. Source included.


A game by Robert Leedom, published in 6502 user notes #13, 1979. Typed in by Dominic Bumbaco so we can play it!.