Micro Technology Unlimited MTU pages enhanced

Dave Plummer (Dave’s Garage) received lots of documents on the MTU products with his KIM-1 in a cage system and scanned them for us.

Dave Williams (devilishdesign, vintagetech) has a MT-130, a standalone 6502 system sold by MTU with MTU cards and also scanned documents and imaged floppies.

On the internet I also found a stash of MTU products documents for the PET computer, like PET versions of the K-1008, a KIM-1 bus adapter and more.

All this made me add pages to my website, devoted to MTU. Special attention to the genius behind MTU, Hal Chamberlin. Several of his articles about music and microprocessors and a clean scan of his book Musical Applications of Microprocessors .

One of the documents is the “K-1008-2L Patches to Microsoft BASIC”. Software source of the integration of the text and graphic routines into Microsoft Basic. I already did a simple integration of the K-1008 as terminal into Basic with the Graphics Software package SDTXT and VMSUP, so I have already a lot of the code. So this source wil be typed in also!