KIM-1 Simulator 1.3.0 -> 1.3.4

KIM-1 Simulator 1.3.x adds the improvements from the 1.2.x branch to the V1.1.8 branch.

NEw improvements also: bundled with the also recently updated Convert 8 bit Hex formats program and the SST switch now turns on the built-in debugger!
1.3.1 Adds refresh of K-1008 memory with File/tapeload and debugger refresh.
1.3.2 Load C header image files into K-1008 video display, and command line utility to convert C header file to K-1008 binary
1.3.3 Adds a more realistic aspect ratio variant of the K-1008 display besides the simpler and therefore faster ones.
V 1.3.4 August 31 Read text file to console improved, improved K-1008 settings

Have fun with this release and as always: keep me posted of wishes and bugs.

You may ask, but this will never be more than a simulation and not a real KIM-1 emulator, many First Book of KIM programs that manipulate the LED displays will not work in this simulator architecture. TTY programs work well. Use the debugger!