Promax MI-650 images, EPROM dumps, information, sources

A Spanish firm developed a 6502 trainer, an SBC inspired by the KIM-1. Hexadecimal keyboard, 6 LED displays, I/O to experiment with. Assembled system, boxed, high quality components like mechanical keys. Aimed at education.

On the Promax MI-650 page you find:

  • Introduction to Promax MI-650
  • Manuals
  • Monitor EPROM images and sources
  • Images of MI-650, MI-650B, MI-650C
  • MI-650 video demonstrations

Three versions were made:

  • MI-650. 6502, 6532 for keyboard/LEDs/audio cassette, 6522 for user I/O, 2×2716 EPROM, 2x2K SRAM. PCB fingers edge connectors for expansion.
  • MI-650B. equal to the MI-650, more convenient expansion connectors.
  • MI-650C, a redesign, same dimensions and layout, with more modern components, like 65C02 CPU, larger EPROM and 65C22 for keyboard and LED.

All three share the same monitor program, patched for the MI-650C to use the 6522.

Updates for various sources, motivated by the find of Jose Vicente Marques Vidal of four MI-650s and our attempt to make them operational again (missing EPROMS mostly).