Corsham Technologies KIM Clone

A KIM-1 clone build by Bob Applegate of Corsham Technologies.

The idea was replace the 6530’s with 6532 and by careful memory decoding have the I/O, timer and RAM of the 6532’s appear at the same locations as the 6530-002 and -003. ROM is added with an EPROM.
Not an exact copy in dimensions , and the ROM has been changed/enhanced/improved with a xKIM Monitor by Bob Applegate (hex upload e.g.), though the original KIM-1 ROM should work also.

The result is a high quality build, and an exact KIM-1. With many extra’s

Available assembled and tested or as a kit. I have bought the Rev 2 PCB with essential parts from Corsham to build it!

And also bought the assembled Rev 5 with expansion connector, motherboard, Proto board,  KIM Clone I/O and SD/RTC Shield.

This is a dream of a 6502 development system! The SD shield has a simple interface in the xKIM monitor to load and save files on the SD, which is a FAT formatted card, Fast enough of course and easy to exchange fiiles on a PC with a cross assembler.

Besides the KIM Clone I have a KIM-1 60K RAM/ROM board and a KIM I/O board, connected tot he MOS Technology KIM or my original KIM-1.

What you find here:

Photos of my Corsham Technologies cards:

Rev 1A Corsham, close to Rev 2

KIM-1 RAM/ROM and I/O board connected to a KIM-1


Radio Bulletin Articles

Here a selection of interesting 6502/KIM and general RB electronics/computer articles, written by me and others, (in Dutch) in Radio Bulletin in the period 1977 to 1987. Note that some articles were reprinted in the CB specials, see the RB Specials page.

Grote prijsvraag, het begin van mijn redactionele bijdragen aan Radio Bulletin
Jaarinhoud 1977 1
Jaarinhoud 1977 2
De Microprocessor, mei juli 1977, Dick de Boer
Digitale dokatimer, oktober 1977, Hans Otten
Geheugenuitbreiding voor de KIM, November 1977, Dick de Boer
De KIM-1 aanschaf via Radio Bulletin
De KIM-1, Augustus 1977, D.M. de Boer
Mastermind op de KIM-1, December 1977, J.M. van der Peijl en D.M. de Boer
Melodiant, Augustus 1977, D.M. de Boer
Microgebeuren Augustus 1977, a.o. KIM gg club
Microgebeuren November 1977, BEM Brutech, Visser Assembling Electronics
De Videoscoop, December 1977, Hans Otten
Zelf programmas maken, September 1977, D.M. de Boer
Jaarinhoud 1978 1
Jaarinhoud 1978 2
Automatische register uitlezing, Februari 1978, D.M. de Boer
De VIM getest, November 1978
Digitale Voltmeter IC’s, Augustus 1978, Hans Otten
Press Communication Award Dick de Boer
Eprom programmeer apparaat, Juni Juli 1978, J.M. van der Peijl
Grafisch TV-display 1978 1979, D.M. de Boer
Microgebeuren,HCC, Ing Bureau Koopmand nieuws TVT-6, Memory+, First Book of KIM, Mei 1978
Programmeren stap voor stap, 1978, 1979 (zie ook RB CB Special voor laatste deel, D.M. de Boer
Televisiespelletjes, October 1978, Hans Otten
Zelf een print maken, October 1978, Hans Otten
Cosmicos computer voor zelfbouw, H.B. Stuurman, boek en serie
Jaarinhoud 1979 1
Jaarinhoud 1979 1
De 8088, November 1979, Hans Otten
De MCS Alpha 1 getest, Augustus 1979, Hans Otten
De Challenger Ohio 1P getest, Juli 1979, Hans Otten/a>
De Compucolor II goed getest, Juni 1979, Hans Otten
De Heathkit H14 printer, Oktober 1979, D.M. de Boer
De PET getest, April 1979, Hans Otten
De TRS 80 getest, November 1979, Hans Otten
Geheugenuitbreiding voor de KIM, September October 1979, Hans Otten
Het Heathkit 8 systeem getest, Juli 1979, Hans Otten
Letters op het grafisch display, Mei Juni Juli 1979, D.M. de Boer
Memory plus getest, Mei 1979, Hans Otten
Morse decodering met de KIM, juli Augustus 1979, M.B. Immerzeel
Professioneel toetsenbord voor de PET, November 1979, Hans Otten
Zelf voedingen ontwerpen en bouwen, Januari 1979 – Januari 1980, Hans Otten
Zero Page shifter, Augustus 1979, D.M. de Boer
Jaarinhoud 1980
Amicos systeem getest, September 1980, Hans Otten
Overdruk Amicos systeem getest, Hans Otten
Basic versus Pascal, December 1980, Hans Otten
BEM Impact 1000, Januari 1980, Hans Otten
De Apple II getest, Januari 1980, Hans Otten
De KTM2 getest, April 1980, Hans Otten
De PC100 getest (AIM 65), Augustus 1980, Hans Otten
Hexadecimaal toetsenbord 6502 systemen, September 1980, D. Hul
Kim timer en klok, Mei 1980, Herman Perk
Knutselen met cassettedeck, Maart 1980, Hans Otten
Logitester, Augustus 1980, Hans Otten
Microgebeuren April 1980, BEM Brutech
Microgebeuren April 1980, BEM Brutech
Persprijs H.B. Stuurman , eervolle vermelding Hans Otten, November 1980
Samson en Satellite getest, November 1980, Hans Otten
Sinclair ZX80 getest, Januari 1980, Hans Otten
U/ART schakeling, Juni 1980, Hans Otten
Video modulatoren getest, Maart 1980, Hans Otten
WH89 getest, Juni 1980, Hans Otten
Baudrate generator, Augustus 1980, Hans Otten
Apple Z80 Softcard, Mei 1981, Hans Otten
Jaarinhoud 1981
Leeftimer , 1 april 1981, Paul de Beer
50 jaar RB, Januari 1981
4 Kbytes EPROM-kaart, September 1981, Paul de Beer
Baudrate generator, Augustus 1980, Hans Otten
CBM8032 getest, Oktober 1981, Hans Otten
Challenger 8P getest, Maart 1981, Hans Otten
De Apple speelt muziek, Januari 1981, Hans Otten
Frequentiemeter, Januari 1981, Dohmen en Koekoek
Grafisch display monitor voor de KIM, 1979 1981, Dohmen en Koekoek
Gregoriaanse klok, Mei 1981, Dohmen en Koekoek
Logische variabelen in Basic, April 1981, Hans Otten
Mini assembler, Maart April 1981, Dohmen en Koekoek
Moederprint, Juli 1981, Paul de Beer
Ombouw van een Philips TX televisie, Juli 1981, Hans Otten
Ozz Programma CBM8032, Oktober 1981, Hans Otten
P2000 getest, Augustus 1981, Hans Otten
Tekentabletten voor de Apple, September 1981, Hans Otten
Telex monitor programma april juni 1981, M. B. Immerzeel
TRS 80 grafische uitbreiding, Maart 1981, Hans Otten
UCSD Pascal op de Apple, Februari 1981, Hans Otten
VIC-20, Mei 1981, Hans Otten
Jaarinhoud 1982
Uitslag van de RB-Programmeerwedstrijd, Oktober 1982, Hans Otten
Alarm 1982, april 1982, P. Sanders
Andere cursor voor de Apple II, Februari 1982, Hans Otten
Apple III getest, Juni 1982, Hans Otten
Assembly Language Development System, December 1982, Hans Otten
Beeldbewerking, Mei Juni 1982, Paul de Beer
Color Computer TRS80, September 1982, Hans Otten
IBM Personal Computer, Maart 1982, Hans Otten
ITT3030 microcomputer, November 1982, Hans Otten
Lijnen op het grafisch display, Februari 1982, R. Koekoek
Lilith Personal Computer, April 1982, Hans Otten
Osborne 1 December 1982, Hans Otten
Omegasoft Pascal compiler voor de 6809, Augustus 1982, Hans Otten
PC8000 getest Augustus 1982.pdf
Printer software in Pascal, April 1982, Hans Otten
VIC-20 getest, Juli 1982, Hans Otten
WH89 software, Januari 1982, Hans Otten
YD-8100 8110 getest, Mei 1982, Hans Otten
Z-8-ontwikkelsysteem, Oktober 1982, Hans Otten
Jaarinhoud 1983
48K ram kaart voor de 6502, September 1983, Paul de Beer zie ook de Cosmicos pagina voor 48 kaart ontwerp
ACIA6850, seriële in- en uitvoer September – November 1983, Hans Otten
Apple als terminal, April 1982, Hans OttenAssembler source
Apple IIe Lisa, Mei 1983, Hans Otten
Atari Computers, Februari 1983, Hans Otten
Basis108, Januari 1983, Hans Otten
BBC Microcomputer, December 1983, Hans Otten
Commodore 64, Mei 1983, Hans Otten
Digiscope voor 6502-systemen, April 1983, Hans Otten
Microprofessor 1, April 1983, Hans Otten
RB en de Teleac-cursus Pascal, Oktober 1983, Hans Otten
TRS-80 model 100, November 1983, Hans Otten
Uitbreidingskaart voor de VIC-20, Februari 1983, Hans Otten
Zenith 100 computers, Juni 1983, Hans Otten
Jaarinhoud 1984
Computer terminal voor zelfbouw, December 1984 Februari 1985, Hans Otten
Computers en analoge schakelaars, Juli 1984, Hans Otten
COMX35 Hobbycomputer, September 1984, Hans Otten
FM Meetzender, Juli 1984, Hans Otten
Centronics Standaard Augustus 1984, Hans Otten
Kaypro II Personal Computer, Maart 1984, Hans Otten
MDCR voor de 6502, April 1984, Hans Otten
MDCR elementaire routines, Hans Otten
MDCR datasheet
Microcomputers en Pascal, Januari 1984, Hans Otten
Micro-professor MPF-1 Plus Mei 1984, Hans Otten
Parallele in- en uitvoer VIA en PIA, Mei 1984, Hans Otten
Teach robot November 1984, Hans Otten
Zin en onzin van benchmark testen, September 1984, Hans Otten
ZX-Spectrum, Januari 1984, Hans Otten
/td> Alles over EPROMs, October November 1985, Hans Otten
/td> Bondwell-12, April 1985, Hans Otten
/td> Centronics Parallel Interface, September 1985, Hans Otten
/td> Elektronica bouwdozen van Philips April 1985, R.J.Majoor
Opvolgers van de 6502, Augustus 1985, Hans Otten
Rechtstreekse netvoeding 1985, De M.
Stabilisatoren-toepassingen April 1985.pdf, R. ten Mijtelen
Voor U gelezen, Hans Otten
82S123 PROM programmeren
Alles over de seriele RS-232-C interface, Januari 1986, Hans Otten
Armeluis datacommunicatie, Maart 1986, Hans Otten
Centronics printer voor RS-232-C interface, April 1986, Hans Otten
Delta vertrager, December 1986 Mei 1987, Hans Otten
Gassensor, Oktober 1986, Hans Otten
Luchtvochtigheidsmeter, November 1986, Hans Otten
Magneetsensor, Oktober 1986, Hans Otten
Motor sturen uit de computer, December 1986, Wildevang
RS-232-C Interface voor de Commodore 64, Februari 1986, Hans Otten
Digitale in- en uitgangen via RS-232-C, April 1987, Hans Otten
RB Historie 1 September 1987
RB Historie 2 September 1987

Scanned full older Radio Bulletin magazines


RB Specials

When I was an editor at Radio Bulletin we published several specials. Some were additions to the magazine, two specials were on sale.

RB CB Special 1980. The early KIM-1 articles by Dick de Boer.
RB CB special inhoud
De Keuze van een Personal Computer, Hans Otten
rbspecialmicrocomputers, D.M. de Boer
EPROM programmeerapparaat met de KIM, J.M. v.d. Peijl
Grafisch TV-display, D.M. de Boer
Mastermind op de KIM, J.M. v.d. Peijl
Morse-decodering met de KIM, M.B. Immerzaal
Programmeren, stap voor stap
Zero page shifter. D.M. de Boer
Automatische registeruitlezing, D.M. de Boer
CB Special 1982. KIM uitbreidingen Paul de Beer en Hans Otten.
Inhoud CB Special
EPROM programmeerapparaat PET en KIM, J.M. v.d. Peijl, P.G.J. de Beer
Geheugenuitbreiding voor 6502-systemen, H.J.C. Otten, P.G.J. de Beer
Mini-assembler voorde 6502, M. Dohmen, R. Koekoek
ASCII-toetsenbord UART-schakeling Baudrate generator, H.J.C. Otten
5V 20A Voeding voor microprocessorsystemen, Manudax
AMI-COS getest, overdruk Radio Bulletin Sepember 1980, H.J.C. Otten
De microprocessor van morgen, P.G.J. de Beer, H.J.C. Otten
uprofessioneel bijlage 1980, BEM Brutech

RM 65



Datasheets of all available RM 65
modules are described in Chapter 9
of the 1984 Rockwell Databook
16 Slot Card Motherboard and Cage RM65
A CRT or TV interface for AIM 65
RM 65 32K Dynamic RAM module
RM 65 CRT Controller
RM 65 Floppy disk Controller Module Users manual
RM 65 Floppy Disk Controller Module
RM65 8K Static RAM Users Manual
RM65 16K PROM ROM Module Users Manual
RM65 32K Dynamic RAM Module Users Guide
RM65 General Purpose Input Output and Timer Module Users Manual
RM65 Run-time BASIC Users Manual
RM65 Single Board Computer (SBC) Module Users Guide
RM65-7201E Design Prototyping Module
FDC Module uswr’s manual

Photos from

Development System

RM 65 to AIM 65 Interface card

RM65 interface on AIM 65 expansion connector

Interface card between RM65 and AIM 65

General Purpose I/O Timer interface

Rear of General Purpose I/O Time interface card

RM65 top

Cage with cards

CRT Controller

FDC Controller

Rear of Floppy disk interface card

32K RAM Memory card

Rear of 32K RAM memory card


My AIM 65s

My current AIM 65

My (former) AIM 65 collection, a PC100 Siemens OEM with custom software and a German manual, and a stock AIM 65 with full documentation.


AIM 65 other hardware

Application Notes, datasheets, other articles

RS-232C Interface for AIM 65
AH5050 Floppy Disk subsystem
AIM 65 Expansion Motherboard
AIM 65 PROM Programmer and CO-ED
AIM-65 CRT Monitor or tV interface
Interfacing R6500 to Floppy Disk Controller
Optimzing usage of the AIM 65 I/O block
Interfacing the 68000 to an AIM 65
Cubit 6516 Eprom Programmer manual
DL1416T datasheet
A simple 24 hour clock for the AIM 65
Micro March 1979

Errata of the simple 24 hour clock for the AIM 65
Micro March 1979
Printer Control with the R6522 VIA
R6565 Floppy Disk Controller Doppel Density
Rockwell R6522 VIA datasheet
Serial AIM 65 rev1
Serial AIM65 rev2
AIM 65 enclosure


(Part No. A65-905-08) with 8K CMOS RAM (4x2K) and four sockets for 4 x 4K PROM/ROM for use with the Rockwell packaged 500 Series of desktop microcomputers or any AIM 65 board-level microcomputer with Buffer Module. Document No. 29000D98

Many applications of AIM 65 microcomputers, particularly in test equipment, instrumentation, monitors, analyzers or controllers, require that the resident application software or fixed parametric data be changed periodically. This may occur because the item under test or being controlled has been changed, or parameter values have been revised. For OEM installations, the change may be required to customize the system (or different customers).
The AIM 65 Memory Cartridge system is an economical and convenient method for expanding the memory of an AIM 65 microcomputer. The cartridges are designed for use with the Rockwell packaged 500 Series of desktop microcomputers, but may also be used with any AIM 65 board-level microcomputer. This Memory Cartridge is ideal to be used for swapping to the Buffer Module needed to connect to the AIM 65 Master Module. This Memory Cartridge has 8K CMOS RAM and the PROM/ROM part is unpopulated for complete user flexibility.
Rugged injection molded plastic covers the Memory Cartridge complementing the AIM 65 Enclosure in color, texture and sturdiness. A Memory Cartridge plugs vertically into the Buffer Module which is needed immediately behind the microcomputer enclosure to require a minimum of area in desktop applications. A recessed label area on the Memory Cartridge cover allows configuration information to be neatly added in an area visible to the operator (see picture). Address decoding required by the different cartridges is accomplished automatically without user intervention.

• Preconfigured Memory Cartridge Combination RAM and PROM/ROM sockets
• Convenient Memory Cartridge plug-in installation to Buffer Module (needed)
• Use with any AIM 65 500 Series Desktop Microcomputer
• Compatible with A65-006 enclosure and power supply
• Cartridges are fully assembled and tested

AIM 65 Memory Cartridge

Bubble Memory Products

AIM-65 Single board bubble memory system
Bubble memory R3288-11 ROM

Replace Printer head


Interactive newsletter

Newsletter, published by Rockwell, with as editor the well known Eric Rehnke. Last issue april 1982.

Interactive Issue 1
Interactive Issue 2
Interactive Issue 3
Interactive Issue 4
Interactive Issue 5
Interactive Issue 6
Interactive Issue 7
Interactive Issue 8

AIM 65 Manuals

Datasheet AIM 65 A65-100 A65-400
Hardware Manual
User Manual
User’s Guide corrections

User’s Guide
Contains the monitor and optional assembler ROM functionality, see also below for Monitor listings and ROMs.

Programming Manual

Hardware Manual

Reference cards

AIM 65 8k BASIC Reference Card
MCS6500 Instruction Set Summary
R6500 Microprocessor Programming Reference Card
Rockwell AIM 65 Summary Card


The KIM-1 has 2K ROM, in two 1K maskable ROMS of the 6530-002 and 6530-003.
The 6530-002 implements a TTY interface, a keyboard interface (hence the name Keyboard Interface Monitor) and 6 7 segment LED displays.
6530-003 is an audio cassette recorder extention of the KIM monitor.

On this page binaries and source listings and assembler sources for various assemblers.

6530-002.bin 2017-05-241024 $1C00-$1FFF
6530-002 ROM
6530-003.bin 2017-05-241024 $1800-$1BFF
6530-003 ROM

– 002 Plus 003 in Papertape format

Source code listings

Listing from the User Manual appendix
Listing from the User Manual appendix in text HTML format
Listing from the User Manual appendix in text format

Assembler sources

Source in MOS Technology format
Source in Ruud Baltissen assembler format
Source in CC65 format

KIM-1 articles and books

Articles, tranlated to English, from the Dutch KIM/6502 Kenner magazine:

ASCII parallel keyboard encoder
Micro-soft Basic Q and A
Using KIM as Dedicated Controller KIM app note 11477
KIM brochure MOS Technology
KIM MOS Technology System products
KIM-3B memory, KIM-4 motherboard, KIM-5 RAE, KIM-6 Prototyping
es lebe der kim Es Lebe der KIM-1
ELCOMP article how to start with the KIM-1, includes sample programs
and a LED hardware experiment.
A 2k Symbolic Assembler for the 6502
Source and description of a small 6502 symbolic assembler
for the 6502 such as KIM-1 or SYM-1, Robert Ford Denison
A programmers guide to the KIM-1
German introduction the the hardware of KIM-1 and KIMClone,
Erik Bartmann
KIM cursus Digitaal schakelen
Dutch course on programming the KIM-1
by KIM User Club Siep de Vries.
The KIM-1 as eight-channel datalogger
Hardware and system description,
James Campbell, John Forest 1984
Computer Performance of Music
Hal Chamberlin, Byte 1977
KIM Hypertape
Hyper about slow Load Times, Kilobaud, Jim Butterfield
Computers in Classrooms
Teaching the teachers, Lance Leventhal, Kilobaud 20 1978
A KIM-1 Sidereal/Solar clock
John O. Bumgarner, Interface Age, August 1977
Highest-speed audio dump
Program by U.O. Schröder
Huey Calculator
Don Rindsberg, adapted by C.Bond
Pocket Calculator
KIM Club Publication For LED display or TTY
KIM Kenner version by Siep de Vries
Suppress echo of TTY Get Character
Prevent echo when reading a character from the TTY input
and make TTY input deaf, written by Hans Otten.
KIM Kenner 17. Page 1, Page 2, making deaf,
idea by Siep de Vries in KIM Kenner 5
KIM-1 versus SYM-1 routines
Equivalent but slightly different KIM-1 and SYM-1 ROM routines
KIM Tape Copy v1.1
KIM Tape Copy v1.1, copy all files on a KIM cassette.
Uses two recorders attached as shown in the Micro Ade manual.
Source in Micro Ade format
Listing of Tape Copy
2708 programmer
EPROM-Programmierer KIM-1:2708, Ingo Dohman, 65XX MICROMAG
A Digital Video Display System on KIM-1
N. Solntseff M.D. Drummond
KIM-1 expansion
Non-volatile DS1220 SRAM 2KB, 128K Flash
How to flash the 28F010, assembler source
Real-time exec for KIM-1
KIM-1 Microcomputer Module a user’s note
by T.E. Travis, Microtek August 1976
KIM-1 TTY tot RS-232-C Circuit diagram how to connect
the current loop KIM-1 TTY interface to RS-232-C. Hans Otten
Improved KIM Communications
RS-232-C interface, extra serial output listing,
Micro June 1981, Ralph Tenny
Data exchange between KIM-1 and TRS-80
Datenaustausch zwischen KIM und TRS-80,
Claus Wunsche, 65XX Micromag
KIMATH is a floating point package, 16 digit precision for the
KIM-1 6502 system. Original MOS Technology listings, binary, documents in PDF and text format, sources.
MATHPAS is a supplement by John Eaton, Dr Dobbs nr 20, to aid in using KIMATH.
Original article in PDF and text format.
KIM Memory test
For TTY and KIM keypad.
Siep de Vries, KIM user Club
Driving the bits of the display directly
Shows how to light any segment of the KIM-1 LED display.
Listing of games for the KIM-1 via the TTY interface.
Easy to adapt to any 6502 machine.
An 8080 Simulator for the KIM-1
Listing of 8080 CPU simulator, Dan Mccreary.
KIM goes to the Moon
Lunar Lander game, Jim Butterfield, Byte April 1977.
Frontpanel for the KIM: UPanel
Hardware and software for a frontpanel,
George Laing, January 1979
KIM-1 Breakpoint Routines
Breakpoint routines, Willi Kushe, Dr Dobbs June 1977.
KIM-1 Disassembler
Apple disassembler ported to KIM-1
T. E. Bridge, Dr Dobbs Number 20
KIM-1 Extended Monitor Users Manual
OSI Extended Monitor ported to KIM-1
KIM-1 Microprocessor Fundamentals
Seminar workbook R. Bennett, J. Ross
Is the KIM-1 For Every-1
Introduction to the KIM-1
Robert M. Tripp Kilobaud August 1977
Where is KIM going
News on the KIM-1 Richard Simpson, Kilobaud 1977
Build the TVT-6
A low cost direct video display Part 1, July, Part 2 August,
Don Lancaster, Popular Electronics, 1977
Experimenting with the 6551
Introduction to the 6551 Marvin L. de Jong, Compute 10 March 1981
Make a KIM-1 clone with the cheap EP2C5T144 FPGA board.
Connect via TTY or add a physical LED and keypad like the KIM-1.
Presentation by Stephen A. Edwards
Archive with the design files
LEDIP A KIM/6502 Text Editor
Line editor source, Kium Akingbehin, Dr Dobbs Number 29